Euphoria skits and a power couple takeover: here are the best bits from this year’s accolades.

IG: @mtv

IG: @mtv

If there is one thing our pop-culture-craving souls long for over a long weekend, it is a slice of award ceremony debauchery. Free from the shackles of contracts and production houses, actors are free to deliver their own speeches with no scripts necessary. And, with this year’s MTV Awards merging the annual movie and TV awards with the unscripted awards, it made for one of the most explosive editions yet.

So to see our highlights from last night’s antics, head below now…

Someone needs to enrol Vanessa Hudgens to Euphoria High, stat

@mtv This is what happens when @Vanessa Hudgens meets #Euphoria #MTVAwards original sound – MTV

Hosting the MTV Awards this year, Vanessa Hudgens came equipped with her charming je ne sais quoi — which also appeared during her skit as an additional cast member of Euphoria. Fitting right at the centre of the infamous bathroom-meets-Oklahoma scene, Vanessa brought all the attitude of Maddy Perez with the doe-eyed cadence of Cassie in a bid to fit in with the crew — who Hudgens labels as icons. And from the smile she flashes at the camera, we can confirm Hudgens has never, ever been happier.

A power couple that quite literally can’t be beaten

IG: @zendaya

IG: @zendaya

With Tom Holland and Zendaya’s recently shared selfie near enough breaking the internet, we already pre-empted the couple would be making a grand slam at the MTV Awards. Delivering on everybody’s expectations, Tom and Zendaya quite literally took over the stage. While Holland accepted awards for both best movie and best performance in a movie with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya accepted trophies for best show and best performance in a show for her work as Rue Bennett in Euphoria. Looks like they’ll need to be putting up more shelves in their shared home…

Oh, you thought we were done with Euphoria content?

In case you couldn’t already tell, the most quintessential scenes of Euphoria season two held the award ceremony in a firm chokehold from start to finish. Amongst some of its most explosive scenes that received recognition, there was also the part we had spent weeks waiting for — when Maddy Perez and her perfectly preened acrylics had their comeuppance against Cassie. While the fight scene won the award for best fight, the show also achieved an accolade for ‘here for the hookup’ — because who doesn’t love a show with sex and scraps?

The nations hero and villain

IG: @zendaya

Nothing ignites our inner geek-girls quite like the best hero and best villain categories, and after seeing hundreds of Black Widow’s circling the ground at this year’s Comic Con, we knew straight away who would be awarded the former. With Scarlet Johansson named best hero, it was Daniel Radcliffe who allowed his darker side to prevail — taking home the award for best villain for his addictively sinister role in The Lost City.

Heartstopper had us all in tears

IG: @zendaya

Labelled one of the most important queer TV shows for our generation, Heartstopper was awarded some much-deserved acclaim at this year’s ceremony. In the event’s social only category, the series won the title of best musical moment for their tear-jerking montage in season one episode two — featuring the track “Dance With Me”. BRB, off to stream the whole thing again.

Drag Queens, reality stars and realtors…

(LEFT) Photography by Matt Winklemeyer
(RIGHT) IG: @mtv

Photography by Matt Winklemeyer
IG: @mtv

And finally, for those of us who plunge ourselves into the unscripted scenes of reality television, we have the winners of this year’s unscripted awards. For best competition series, RuPaul’s Drag Race took the crown, and for best docu-reality series, Selling Sunset was the winner — with Chrishell Stause awarded best reality star for good measure.


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