With the premiere of the dating show due to premiere this evening, we round-up our favourite moments so far from the series.

Whether you openly admit it or secretly watch it on your morning commute — Love Island has become a quintessential faculty of UK culture. And though we have soaked up seven seasons of love-gone-wrong, best friend betrayals, cheating scandals, and cringe-worthy breakups, we haven’t tired of the drama quite yet. Back for its eighth season with a brand new cast and location, we are practically counting down the minutes until 9pm to watch the drama slowly set up for the summer.

Until then, head below for a trip down memory lane of trauma, laughter and iconic moments from seasons past…

“If Tyla really loved him then she’d go with him”

@loveislandreactions Theo was such a savage #loveisland #loveislandmemes #loveislandbestbits #loveislandclips #loveislanduk #fyp #loveislandmoments original sound – Love Island Reaction

Though considered a villain to many, the cut-throat one-liners from Theo remain even today completely unmatched.

“I was coming here to tell you that I loved you”

@ukmemes_4u One of the greatest moments ever on Love Island #foryou #loveisland #fyp #british #fypシ #comedy #foryoupage original sound – UK_memes4u

Bless Amy Hart, because Curtis Pritchard didn’t give her a single break. From ditching morning cuddles to make coffee for the villa to choosing her despite fancying someone from Case Amour, there really was far too much trauma to unpack from their relationship.

“I’m sat”

@cropitycrop sit back down I'm sat. #cropitycrop #stantwitter #croppedmemes #croppedvideos #xyzbca #charlidamelio #g @tzusite original sound – g

The fact that this exchange between Chris and Olivia Attwood still circulates the algorithm of TikTok shows just how iconic it was. Chris Hughes, you’re our hero.

“I don’t feel the need to play it safe”

@lllamadramaa Amber is rude to Georgia for picking Kem! #loveisland #loveisland2017 #loveislandbestbits #dramallama original sound – TheDramaLlama

While a lot of scenes from the series can be near enough predicted, nothing in the world could have prepared us for Georgia Harrison entering the villa — stealing Kim Cetinay from his villa girlfriend, Amber Davies.


@loveislandreactions when Jordan realised he messed up with India #loveisland #loveislandreactions #loveislandmemes #loveislandclips #loveislanduk #british #uk #fyp original sound – Love Island Reaction

We all have wanted to have our Anna moment with a cheating ex — and this one certainly did not disappoint. The cherry on the cake? Jordan getting pied by India, obviously.

“I don’t want anyone to know, but I’m Miss Great Britain”

@loveislandsummer This was so sad She deserved better #fyp #loveisland #loveislanduk #zaraholland original sound – Love Island Summer

Now a pillar of feminist uproar, Zara Holland and her tormented relationship with her Miss GB crown was the peak entertainment of season two. And whilst some under-the-sheets activity may have cost her her title, she won the hearts of a nation.

“Do you think I’d waste my wine on your leg?”

@uktvclipsfy #loveisland #drama #clips #beef #kadymcdermott #xyzcba #2016 #foryoupage #fypシ #foryou #fyour #xyzbca #lover #fup #fight original sound – 🙂

Top tip: the next time your boyfriend/girlfriend/ex/partner calls you crazy, send them a clip of Kady Mcdermott from season two — literally any will do. From screaming see you next Tuesday to getting herself into full-on scraps, we are still waiting for a contestant to reach her level of chaos.

“I didn’t mean to do that”

@tomatosandwhich3 #loveisland #fart #embarrassing #fyp #fy #foryoupage #lol #viral #funny #loveisland2016 #humour #fail original sound – Relatableyes

In just five seconds, Cara De La Hoyde captured the hearts of all of us. Letting one rip as she sat with her villa partner, Cara earned herself a deserved time out.

“I’ll give them something to talk about”

@lovesislandz Maura was iconic for this #loveisland #drama #cheater #funny #iconic #love #fyp #foryou original sound – Love Island

She might have been sent into the villa as ‘the other woman’, but nothing gave us more pleasure than watching Maura Higgins give Molly Mae and the other girls – an albeit slightly necessary – reality check.

“It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”

@loveislandsummer Note to self: don’t say to someone ‘let’s see if you’re all mouth’ #fyp #allmouth #maurahiggins #loveisland original sound – Love Island Summer

One of our favourite arguments of the whole season also came from Maura — when she gave Tom a little more than he bargained for before they were supposed to enter the hideaway. One word: iconic.


@random_tv0 Imagine how awkward he felt #fyp #foryou #loveisland #exposed original sound – RandomTv

No words in the world could inflict the pain we wished to bestow upon Liam this night, but Lillie’s surprise bomb drop was just about enough.

“I’m loyal, babe”

@babatundesmathlessons #loveisland #2021 #georgialoveisland #imloyalbabe #fyp #foryoupage original sound – clipz

It’s not often we scream at our screens, but watching the Georgia vs Jack vs Laura drama unfold was all encompassing — and yes, she definitely did try to kiss him. Twice.

“I firmly believe that all of this ‘test’ stuff is complete bullshit”

@toastedcheeseandham Hugo and Chloe #fyp #loveisland #hugohammond #loveislandchloe original sound – Eleanor

And finally, to end our roundup on one of our highlights from the last series, we have this iconic recoupling. Though Hugo Hammond wasn’t always the best with words, this speech was 10/10. Here’s to more supportive kings for season eight.


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