The rising star breaks down her new heartfelt single with Tadhg Daly.


If there is one thing we love in this world, it’s when two artists come together to create a formidable release, and that is exactly what Etaoin and Tadhg Daly have done with their single “Not Over You”. Through the smooth guitar-laced production, the two artists intertwine their serene vocals and go back and forth across the slick indie-pop soundscape. Seamlessly marrying their vocals, the two detail two people that have grown distant in their relationship over the years, but with the strength of love pulling them back together.

“It’s about the different perspectives that come with breakups,” Etaoin said when discussing the track. “Saying you shouldn’t talk but still getting a rush when they call you and picking up regardless. Getting yourself in sticky situationships for no other reason than you’re a blind optimist. It’s about words left unsaid and how sometimes the hardest breakups are the ones where there’s still a huge amount of love there, it just wasn’t strong enough to keep you together.” 

Named as Amazon’s Ones to Watch for 2022, Etaoin has showcased her talent across the single and proved that she is very much worthy of the title. Catching up with us virtually, the artist breaks down her creative process, collaborating on the single and where she see herself going next.

Check out the interview below now…

Hey Etaoin, how are you doing? Where am I speaking to you from?
Hey! I’m good thanks!! Got a bit of a cold at the moment so sounding a bit frightening haha, but otherwise doing so well! At the moment I’m back in London. I’m just back from tour in Germany and very much missing the hustle and bustle of playing in new city every night. Luckily I’ve got the release of a new song to keep me excited and busy! Gives me an excited fuzzy feeling thinking about it!

How did you first fall into music? What inspired you to start singing and songwriting?
So funnily enough I started off playing Irish music – niche I know, I had a very Irish upbringing and family time revolved around playing irish music together. When I hit 12 my parents got me a guitar for Christmas as a surprise. I started picking it up and teaching myself. I was 12 and homeschooled at the time so had loads of time to practice and get lost in my own little world. I was hugely inspired by artists like Tracy Chapman, Taylor Swift and Elliott Smith. My mum always had the radio on so I was constantly hearing new and exciting music without even knowing it, which I’m so grateful for.

Who were your favourite artists growing up?
That’s a good question. Taylor Swift, Tracy Chapman and Avril Lavigne are deffo up there. Also, bands like Abba and Westlife. All of which have the same thing in common – catchy hooks. I had a huge crush on Enrique Iglesias when I was like eight so was very into his music.

What has been your one career highlight so far?
It’s so hard to choose just one! The last year has had so many highlights. I’d say it would have to be being put on a huge billboard in Leicester Square by Amazon Music after they named me one of their “Ones To Watch 2022”. That was totally mental. I stood there in the middle of Leicester Square staring up at it all starry eyed. I’ll never forget that. Also a huge highlight was going on tour with Beoga who co wrote and played on Ed Sheeran’s track, “Galway Girl”. I was fangirling big time.

Let’s talk “Not Over You”. How are you feeling about the world finally hearing your track?
I’m so excited! Me, Tadhg and our friend Dustin Dooley wrote it on the first day we met, it happened super quickly and very naturally. The minute we wrote Not Over You we all felt a huge sense of excitement about it. I think the song really hits home lyric wise and had such a strong pop hook. Releasing a song is such a personal thing for all of us and I really hope that everyone relates to the experiences that we sing about in this song.

I know the track is based on themes of heartbreak, have you looked to your own experiences for the track?
Definitely. A part of the song which really relates to my own personal experience is the leading hook. The sentiment of “I’m stood here wondering if you’re waiting up by your phone for me to call” – is something that I’ve definitely experienced on a personal level. I’m a serial overthinker and always find myself lingering on thoughts for ages before actually voicing how I feel. The whole song is about real life situations both me and Tadhg have found ourselves in.

And, the track is a collaboration with Tadhg Daly. How did you first meet each other?
We met through my amazing friend Danny Roberts! He was like “you’re both irish! You should be friends!”. We followed eachother on social media, sent eachother some silly voicenotes and selfies, found out our families are actually from the same small village in West Cork in Ireland (?!?) and from there we were flying. The day we actually met in real life is the day we wrote Not Over You. Meant to be!

What has been like working in the studio together?
I have such a deep respect for Tadhg both as a person and his ability as a songwriter. He has such a structural outlook on songwriting and a brilliant ear for a catchy melody and a strong lyrical hook. He’s also very funny and has a heart of gold. The whole song was written and demo’d in the first day! I can honestly say that he’s been one of my favourite people that I’ve ever written with, and I can’t wait to write more with him and Dustin in the future.

Aside from Tadhg, who else would you like to collaborate with in the future?
Oh my gosh. So many names come into mind. I’m such a big fan of Dermot Kennedy, Cian Ducrot and Phoebe Bridgers so definitely them. And obviously Ed Sheeran – I’m an optimist. I’m also a huge fan of bands like Tommy LeFroy, Joan and MUNA.

What else are you looking forward to this year? Can we expect more new music or maybe any live performances?
I have tons of music coming out this year. Like, ridiculous amounts. I’m so excited about all of it – I think it’s the best stuff I’ve ever released. I’ve got an entire EP coming out and more releases after that which are already recorded and planned. Live performance wise I’ll be heading back to Germany on tour, going to Ireland on tour and will also be touring the UK.