The rising Latina pop artist unveils her five track EP, inspired by her passion for the environment.

As Paloma O’Leary’s EP title heavily hints, the Latina pop artist is just as passionate about the conservation of the ocean as she is about creating sugar-sweet melodies. Marrying her devotion to environmental awareness with her heartfelt lyrical prowess and ear for compelling hooks, the five tracks are a spellbinding exemplar of Paloma’s multi-faceted talent. And with the titular track sounding as if it were hacked from a Disney soundtrack, to say we are hooked on her sound would be an understatement.

Speaking on her latest effort, Paloma explains, “I wanted to create this EP to combine two loves—music and water. Water is such a powerful force and like love, it can completely overwhelm you. We have to take care of it, whether that’s someone you love or a close friend. When we abuse the ocean it suffers and when we are mistreated we have to learn to take our power back.”

Though her stratospheric vocal range remains front and centre across “Siren Song” and “Another Fish in the Sea”, she also samples a deep vocal range in “Tides” — showing the many ways in which Paloma is pushing her artistry.

To stream the full EP now, head below…