From summer anthems to sad girl playlists: Sigala, Ocean Tisdall and Debbie deliver all the feels in this week’s playlist.

Photography by Aaron J Hurley

Photography by Aaron J Hurley

Sigala – “Stay The Night”

Lending a synth-laden kickstart to this week’s Wonderlist, Sigala drops his brand new single, “Stay The Night”. Renowned for his party-pumping tunes, “Stay The Night” inhabits all the ingredients necessary to create a summer anthem: a catchy melody, sparkling vocals and an irresistible flow. Collaborating with Talia on the effort, Sigala explains, “It has been great to collaborate with Talia on this track, she has bought a fresh energy to the song.”

Kayowa – “Fresh”

Bubbly in sound and in its accompanying visual, Kayowa’s latest drop “Fresh” was instantly saved to our library within the first five seconds of listening. Providing the ultimate boost of self-confidence, Kayowa rebuffs the outdated narrative that a person must be humble in their success. Instead, Kayowa rejoices in their ascendency within the industry, their relationships and most importantly, them. Consolidating that fact, they state, “‘Fresh’ is all about being a bad b*tch and walking in your own power, regardless of what the world has to say.”

Ocean Tisdall – “Crying Room”

Always at hand with stratospheric soundscapes, Ocean Tisdall embraces a close-to-home vulnerability in his brand new track, “Crying Room”. Written from a place of loneliness, “Crying Room” tackles the ways in which we often distract ourselves from our darkest thoughts — often turning to even darker activities. Asserting that he no longer wants to be “that guy drowning in the crying room”, Ocean allows his emotions to boil over — dissipating into a melodic pop chorus. In his own words, Tisdall explains, “Depressed and consumed by tears, we often drown others that may be dealing with their own issues but wanting an escape into our own mess, so having a ‘Crying Room’ to go to at these places would have been perfect.”

Bru-C – “Playground”

Switching up the pace, Bru-C releases his hot new track, “Playground”. Opening with a melodic ballad accompanied by a softly sang verse, the track quickly descends into an addictive blend of drum and bass beats and a sparkling piano percussion. Shifting between velvety lyricism and biting bars, Bru-C keeps his listeners guessing while delivering a narrative on the harsh realities of a dog-eat-dog society. Elaborating further, Bru-C says, “This song means a lot to me, it represents where I’m from and who I am more than anything I think I’ve ever put out – both visually and in terms of what I’m saying in the song.”

Indigo Eyes – “In My Head”

“’In My Head’ is for people who struggle with overthinking,” says Indigo Eyes on his latest release. Alongside the announcement of his plans for his forthcoming EP, the drop of the single allows us to peek once again into the artist’s carefully cultivated soundscape. Kitted out with the smooth texture of chill house and lo-fi garage beats, “In My Head” offers us an idyllic space for escapism — allowing us to find peace amongst the noise.

Bahjat – “I’M HERE”

Having had his fair share of pushback from the industry due to his creative stylings, Bahjat is now carving his own lane in style — aptly naming his latest single, “I’M HERE”. Creating a totally unapologetic effort, Bahjat refuses to hold back a single ounce of his energy as he charges into a punching verse that blends Arabic and English lyrics. Hacked from his forthcoming EP “A-POP”, we cannot wait to see what Bahjat will deliver now that he has officially arrived.

Stay Flee Get Lizzy – “Might Be”

Best known for his ability to suss out the music scene’s hottest talent, Dion ‘Sincere’ Lizzy’s musical project Stay Flee Get Lizzy never goes amiss when it comes to finding new material to rejuvenate our playlists. True to form, “Might Be” pulsates with an infectious beat laced with soft cadence notes. Released alongside a gritty music video, “Might Be” perfectly blends music with street culture — creating a head-bopping parcel of the UK’s best burgeoning talent.

Debbie – “All Night Long”

And finally, lulling us softly into the weekend, we have the soul-baring powerhouse Debbie, and her poignant new track, “All Night Long”. While her compelling lyrical prowess takes centre stage, the heart-ache laced lyrics are accompanied by rich piano keys and airy violin strings. With the cadence of a hymn and the raw emotions of a fresh heartbreak, we’ll be plummeting ourselves into our sad girl feels playing “All Night Long” on loop.


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