Just in time for the weekend, the artist unveils her energy-charged new single along with a dynamic music video.

It’s officially Friday. But for those of us who may have started the weekend a little too early last night, it is fair to say we are in need of an extra boost to keep our spirits lifted. Providing the musical equivalent of an energy-charged kickstart, Hilary Roberts comes to hand with her dynamic new single, “Free” — featuring remixer/producer Bimbo Jones. Opening with an ear-worming mix of futuristic synths, “Free” slowly rises into an infectious and bubbly soundscape that commands hip-swaying energy from all who listen.

And, putting those words into action, Hilary unveils the track alongside a psychedelic music video. Pulsating with sugar-sweet satire, the visual glosses over the often glorified Hollywood lifestyle with futuristic imagery that is reminiscent of a video game. Amidst all the chaos, Hilary remains unwavering in her passion for her sound — encouraging everyone to find their own grooves regardless of their surroundings.

A perfect example of Hilary’s sparkling pop melodies and self-love-promoting sentiments, “Free” breaks through the superficialities of modern day life, and invites you to lose yourself within its soulful sounds.

To stream the music video for “Free” now, head below…