The rapper talks jumping into the studio with Wretch 32, his latest project KMT, and how his confidence has reached a new high.

Jordy - B&W full body

Photorgaphy by Arron Watson-McNab

Jordy - B&W full body
Photorgaphy by Arron Watson-McNab

London’s rap scene is one peppered with some of the most noteworthy names rocketing towards the helm of the music world. And, Jordy’s is one of those names. Hailing from Essex, the 27-year-old rapper has made himself known in the capital’s creative circles, not only with the help of his smash hit “A13” and acclaimed debut album, SMH, but with his energetic contributions to rap collective Vibbar and stints on podcasts and videos for the social group Filthy Fellas.

While the above accolades culminate in quite the impressive CV, Jordy makes his return today in a bid to let devoted fans and new listeners alike know that we have only scratched the surface when it comes to what he has to offer. Dropping the follow-up project, KMT, the artist has crashed back onto the scene with an almighty bang, bringing with him the already-hyped hit “PEAK!” and the Wretch 32-featuring “FORTY ACRES”.

“Do you know what KMT is about?,” Jordy questions me before going on to divulge, “it is about fakeness and people that smile to your face but don’t really wish you well. I think, more than ever, that is what everyone goes through today. You don’t know who is against you, they all smile to your face. KMT is just me calling it out. Like I know they are there, they are embarrassing themselves, they are silly. ”

Upon the release of KMT, Jordy took some time to sit down with Wonderland to discuss the love he has for his craft, calling out fakeness on his newest project and a future filled with piano lessons. Head below to enjoy…

Right, I want to start at the beginning and then we work our way forwards! When was the first time that you hopped into the studio?
The first time I hopped into the studio? You know what, I lived with my cousins, I was about six or seven years old? They built a studio in their room because they produced, so I more or less lived in a studio – it was my room. But, I didn’t make a song until I was about 14.

Did you always know that music was the vibe and that was it for you?
I didn’t always know, no. I always knew that I was good at rapping, but I didn’t know that I wanted to make music.

What did you want to do instead?
The basic stuff, man. Football. And then, when I knew that I couldn’t do football, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But, I knew that I didn’t want to rap.

I don’t know! I thought it was a bit corny. I still think it is a bit corny.

But you still do it?
Yeah, man. Listen, it brings the money home. But see, telling girls that I rap-

Do they love it?
No, they don’t. Girls don’t like that! Actually, maybe they do and they say they don’t.

I think they secretly do!
I think they secretly do! It never hits well, though. I say that I am in content.

Well, I mean, you do Filthy Fellas as well! How do you balance that, Vibbar, and doing Jordy?
I have to. I don’t have any other choice. I can’t give any of them up. I am not bigger than any of them, you know what I mean? So I have to make time for all of them!

How do you find balance in life? Do you get time to have some downtime?
I don’t really get time, but I love my job. My job doesn’t feel like work. I chill with my friends, so I guess it is a healthy balance.

Jordy - B&W portrait
Jordy - yellow and fingers
Jordy - B&W portrait
Photorgaphy by Arron Watson-McNab
Jordy - yellow and fingers

I mean, I want to talk about “A13”. Before I even get to the serious questions, why “A13”?
Because I live in Essex and that is the motorway right by me, the one I had to drive down to get to shorty’s house.

Who is shorty?
Shorty knows who she is.

Obviously “A13” was your first big track!
Yes, it is still my biggest track today!

How are you making music differently now compared to when you made that track? What has changed?
Probably my confidence. I knew “A13” was cold, but the songs that I am making now, I am talking different and they sound different. So, my confidence when stepping into the studio is 100%, it is blowing “A13” confidence out of the water. And, I think it translates well in the final product. There are just things I know about myself now. I have grown.

How old are you?
I am 27, I just turned 27. But, you know what? Before COVID I was 24, so that is my stage age. COVID took two years out of me, I lost two birthdays. So, I am sticking to 24.

Obviously, everyone wants to hear about KMT. Are we saying KMT, or Kiss My Teeth?
We are saying KMT.

Why KMT? Obviously, we had SMH, why KMT?
So, everything that I am doing right now is a response to my followers. So, SMH was like, ‘you want a project? Here, shake my head’, ‘oh, you want more? Here, KMT’. That is just me, I interact with my fans like no other.

Do your fans mean a lot to you?
Omg, my fans keep me going!

Do you chat to them?
All the time. Check my Twitter, I am just talking to them.

I always see you tweeting!
My Twitter goes off! I get busy there, they talk to me and I talk to them. We keep in contact, so I know what they want and know what they hate. I tailor my stuff to them, it is bespoke.

How are you feeling about the release?
I am always nervous before every release because I always, with every drop, try something new!

So we are getting something different this time?

What is different?
It is definitely rap heavy. SMH was a bit of everything, this one is a bit more rap-focused, a bit darker.

What is the inspiration here, where is the darkness coming from?
Do you know what KMT is about? It is about fakeness and people that smile to your face but don’t really wish you well. I think, more than ever, that is what everyone goes through today. You don’t know who is against you, they all smile to your face. KMT is just me calling it out. Like I know they are there, they are embarrassing themselves, they are silly.

Jordy - red sitting
Jordy - red standing
Jordy - red sitting
Photorgaphy by Arron Watson-McNab
Jordy - red standing

I know that you have also been working with the likes of Wretch 23, Sam Wise and Kojey Radical. First of all, what was it like working with Wretch in the studio?
It was a bit surreal, man. I watched him chef it up in my face, it was like Benihanas. He wrote his verse face to face. Listen, I grew up in Tottenham, so Wretch is like my hero. I always wanted a Wretch verse and I got mine.

How is collaborating, what is it like compared to working on your own?
I am still getting used to collaborating because I don’t do it often. If you check my catalogue, there are not many collaborations. I have my cousin on tracks but that is my cousin so it doesn’t even count, that is my blood. So, collaborating with someone new, I am still getting used to it and they can probably tell you better than I can as to where I am going wrong. But we have good tracks together, everyone I have collaborated with so far.

Who is the dream collab?
Jason Derulo! Listen, Jason Derulo is my guilty pleasure. I’d love to give that guy a verse!

What is your favourite song by him?
“It Girl”, “Trumpets”.

This is my favourite question to ask someone! Is there one thing you want the world to know about you but they don’t because no one has ever asked you before?
Well, everyone that knows me knows this – I hate films.

I haven’t got the patients. I can’t go to the cinema anymore. Three hours without a toilet break? That is crazy!

What was the last film you saw?
Omg, I watched The Lion King for the first time last week. I probably should have watched it as a kid, because now watching it I am like, ‘what did everyone cry at’?

Lastly, what else is going on this year, what do you want from the year?
Do you know what, I had a New Year’s Resolution to play the piano, and I haven’t even started.

Why the piano?
I want to get better at producing! Mainly on my own tracks, but eventually on other people. I am still selfish. I think it is a good skill to have and I feel like every artist should know how to do it. I also have a joint tape coming with my cousin, Elt Cheekz.

Anything else you want everyone to know?
I want everyone to stop pretending that avocados are nice. It doesn’t taste well. The fact that you have to put things with it all the time means that avocado alone is not nice.

Jordy - yellow portrait
Photorgaphy by Arron Watson-McNab
Jordy - yellow portrait
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