Scroll below to see the trailers that have us most excited this week.


There was only one way to start this week’s Screen Wonders, and it had to be with the image of Austin Butler’s jet black pompadour. Yes, that’s right, the official trailer for ELVIS finally dropped — and it’s by no means disappointing. Starring Butler and Tom Hanks, the Baz Lurmann film follows the beginning of Elvis and his exponential rise to fame. Starting during the days when Elvis’s name was not yet studded by Vegas lights, ELVIS shows the explosive way in which the icon took over America’s music scene — and uncovered his own destiny. With plenty of spellbinding vocals, heartwarming plotlines and ferociously hip-swivelling routines, ELVIS will be taking over cinemas from June 24th.

Snowflake Mountain

The official home of every possible form of visual entertainment, Netflix is back again with another slice of guilty-pleasure reality with their new docuseries, Snowflake Mountain. While the families of spoiled teenagers send their sons and daughters off to an undisclosed location, the “snowflakes” are forced to strip back to the bare basics in a bid to finally grow up. It’s giving The Island with Bear Grylls crossed over with an episode of Made In Chelsea — and we are officially hooked.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1

It might not be coming out until 2023, but the trailer for Mission: Impossible has already got us practically brimming with anticipation for its forthcoming feature, Dead Reckoning Part 1. Beginning with an ominous monologue, during which Tom Cruise is forced to pick a side between the good and the bad, the two-minute clip soon descends into a compilation of high-intensity, high-energy and nail-biting action. And with us already at the very edge of our seats, our expectations for the full feature are now tenfold.


Now, for a welcomed segment of reality. Though most of us put J Lo on a pedestal of adoration, admiration and total icon status, the world was not always so appreciative of the globally acclaimed artist. Having grown up in the public eye, Jennifer Lopez has been branded a diva, has been objectified consistently by the media and faced endless criticism on her talent. Halftime provides an intimate look into her life — showing the hurdles which Jennifer had to jump to reach where she is today. Proving that she is only halfway through her goals and experiences, the documentary becomes an ode to the determination and grit of Lopez — and has us falling in love with her all over again.

Thor: Love and Thunder

They might have already dropped a teaser, but the official trailer for Thor Love and Thunder has us hyped more than ever before. Revealing new details of the God of Thunder’s next adventure, the trailer shows Thor in a new light — embarking on a journey of self-discovery. But during his attempts to reclaim his identity, a new villain rises — played by Christian Bale. While Bale’s character announces his mission to eradicate the world of all Gods, Chris Hemsworth is joined by his familiar co-stars – Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson  – to combat the enemy once and for all.

The Gray Man

And finally, ending our trailer roundup with an explosive bang, we have one of the most star-studded casts of the lot with The Gray Man — the action spy thriller hitting our screens this summer. Featuring a (psychotic) Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Ana De Armas, The Gray Man follows Sierra Six, who soon becomes targeted by a former cohort at the CIA who will go to any length to take him out. With a chest-pounding soundtrack, terrifying scenes of brute violence and a hint of subtle wit, The Gray Man officially has us all reinstating our Netflix subscriptions for July 22nd.


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