The electronica duo are bringing Middle Eastern sensibilities to the dancefloor with their new live album.


Yes, we all enjoy lyrics that we can belt out from the top of our lungs, resulting in some much-needed catharsis. But sometimes, getting lost in a set of intoxicating instrumentals is the only remedy to a long week. And, this is exactly why this evening the only project you should be streaming is Shkoon’s FIRAQ.

A live and 15-track-long album born out of the turmoil of the pandemic, the duo have looked to celebrate the electric sounds of classic Middle Eastern cuts here, whilst also transporting them into the depths of today’s electronica clubs. And, the result? Treating us to a beautifully blended project, the pair prove exactly why they are being hailed as mavericks in their field.

“FIRAQ is an album that’s incredibly close to our hearts and a project that took on a great deal of poignancy following a death in the family,” explains the pair. “A huge amount of raw emotion and angst went into the recording of the album and it is an experience that will stay with us both forever. Adding to this, the artwork for the release is taken from some old drawings from the deceased that have been adapted and modernised by our very talented friend and designer, Hadeer Omar.”

Head below to stream FIRAQ…