Gali Givon, Mac Wetha and Oscar Jerome make some noise in this week’s playlist.

Gali Givon – “Scared”

As if it was plucked straight from a teen horror flick, Gali Givon delivers a haunting music video along with her brand new single, “Scared”. Oozing Givon’s alt-rock-inspired aesthetic, the artist sings off her two personalities. And though the visual shows a scary unmasked figure who haunts everyone else, we soon come to realise the person who is really “Scared” is Givon herself, who is afraid to allow herself to fall in love. In her own words, she explains, “‘Scared’ was written at a time when I felt like I had two very contradicting sides within me. The one being soft and empathic, and the other- borderline dangerous. It helped me accept what I’ve been feeling for a long time.”

Mac Wetha – “Feel Better (Infinite Pitbulls)”

Posing as the perfect appetiser for his forthcoming EP “Cloud Paint”, Mac Wetha drops his pop punk hued track, “Feel Better (Infinite Pitbulls)”. Effortlessly cool, reassuringly breezy and blissfully settling, the single instantly offers listeners a calming presence — encouraging us to step into the world with full force. “This tune is me trying to bring myself into the present and remind myself that life is constantly happening around me and it’s important to take it all in instead of worrying and letting it pass me by,” imparts Wetha.

Kings Elliot – “’Til I Die”

“I wrote ‘‘Til I Die’ as a letter to the side of myself I find so hard to live with,” says Kings Elliot on her brand new single. Considering the track’s soul-baring lyricism and raw vocal arrangements, this personal angle on the artist’s track becomes all the more obvious. While Kings Elliot depicts the internal battle of a relationship in turbulence, she is accompanied by another man in a music video — sporting the same shade of electric blue hair. Revealing that she is actually singing to herself, “‘Till I Die” gave us the exact dosage of self-love our souls needed today.

Ney Liqa – “Drifting”

A relatively new name on the horizon, Ney Liqa is by no means shy when it comes to releasing her ethereal and experimental sounds. And with her freshly dropped single “Drifting”, that could not be more obvious. With an all-encompassing production filled with speaker-shaking beats and a rapid flow, Ney’s vocals dance with ease over the noisy soundscape — piquing your interest at every bar. Featuring enchanting verses from LYAM and Tamim, the London-based producer and artist proves herself a force to be reckoned with from the off.

Larkin Poe – “Bad Spell”

For those who opt for a slightly more rock-heavy playlist, we have Larkin Poe’s latest release, “Bad Spell”. Blending biting lyrics with an unwavering voice, Larkin Poe is a true powerhouse — offering us a satisfactory taste of gritty guitar strings. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, she explains, “Ever since I heard ‘I Put a Spell on You’ by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins for the first time I’ve wanted to write a female response to it. I’d had the title ‘Bad Spell’ in my journal for years, and it was so fun to create a song where the riffs and guitar tones have that singular purpose of nastiness and swagger.”

Oscar Jerome – “Sweet Isolation”

Slowing down the tempo, Oscar Jerome lends us a stratospheric soundscape with his new track, “Sweet Isolation”. Starkly contrasting a sparkling melody with lush yet monotone vocals, the song becomes “an exploration into the beauty in melancholy.” Interspersed with instrumentals from a mind-melting saxophone, listeners find themselves slowly slipping away from reality. Accompanied by a striking visual in which Oscar is visibly split in two, “Sweet Isolation” shows us that while our earthly experiences may change us as people, we can always achieve harmony eventually.

THEY. – “Blü Moon”

Lulling us gently into the weekend and closing off our Wonderlist with a helping of pure zen, LA-based alt R&B duo THEY. drop their addictive new single, “Blü Moon”. Echoing the track’s smooth and breezy sentiments, the visual depicts an idyllic scene in which the pair vibe out to their own melody during a roofless road trip — and we are more than happy to accompany them on the ride.


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