The artist unveils her latest EP along with powerful visuals, and discusses with us her journey so far.

Unapologetic in attitude and electrifying in sound, Greta Isaac had no chill when it came to the making of her hot EP, “I Think You’d Hate It Here”. From the rock-tinged percussion of “5’1” to the gentle angst of “NUH UH”, Greta Isaac attacks infectious melodies with explosive energy and witty lyrical prowess. While the track list tops up our pre-drink playlists and breakup anthems simultaneously, “I Think You’d Hate It Here” goes over and beyond to prove that Greta is an artist for the people — dissecting the darkness of our emotions so we don’t have to.

Proving she is not only artistic within her soundscapes, the release of Greta’s EP also saw the drop of plenty of dynamic music videos — one of which accompanied the tenacious track, “PAYRI$E”. As the artist struts straight into the cameras, she exudes an IDGAF attitude. And while the set may have been stripped back in design, the visual remained as enticing as ever thanks to the artist’s instant likeability and tangible charm.

To celebrate the artist’s recent successes, we discussed the underlying themes of her latest effort, her dream collaborations and her personal favourite track of her EP. Head below now to stream the entire track list, the visual to “PAYRI$E” and to read the full interview…

Hi Greta, how are you doing today? Where are we speaking to you from right now?
‘Ello how you doing? I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by tissues after a good dose of therapy. I feel RENEWED! let’s get it.

What sparked your interest in music? Does it stem from your childhood?
Yeah, I’d say performing and making music has always been a part of my DNA has always been written as the core of who I am and where I come from. Both my parents were performers/songwriters so it’s really always been a part of who I am and how I communicate with those closest to me.

And you have your new EP coming out! Let’s talk about the meaning behind your EP’s name first of all, how did you land on the title of “I Think You’d Hate It Here”?
It’s actually a lyric from one of the songs on the EP “how are you not freaking out?” It always stuck out to me as a phrase that summed up the tone of the EP. It feels like a sort of ‘anti-postcard’ as if I’m reporting live from the place where all of my pain, joy, grief, and mania come from. I imagine ‘here’ as this whimsical, haunting, psychedelic, wonky place that’s equally terrifying and full of opportunity. This place is where this project was born and how even though I’m excited about inviting people to it, I always somehow feel the need to preface it with a careful warning.

Is there a core theme or message you are trying to relay through the project? I know some tracks are quite introspective and reflective of past experiences you have had!
I wouldn’t say there’s an intentional message that I’m trying to push with the concepts of the songs, necessarily. I think naturally as the visual and sonic landscape of the EP was coming to life, a story was being told and whoever is listening will respond differently to the next person. I’m excited by the idea that this EP could be a mirror for anyone listening and watching and I’d encourage them to be curious about what it brings up for them. Maybe that’s the message – approaching difficult things with curiosity and playfulness and creating something new from it. That’s what I’ve been doing throughout the creation of this EP, I’d say.

This is your second EP, how would you say you have evolved as an artist between projects!
I’m a lot braver in my creative decisions and have become very trusting of my intuition as an artist. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible artists who understand who I am and what kind of project I want to front. I feel like I’m at a really beautiful stage with all of them where we have a deep understanding of one another – I’ve always wanted my world to be somewhere they can let loose creatively and have a lot of fun. Giuseppe, Lauren, Suzie, Karina, Martin, Matt and Martin have all been a crucial part of my growth as an artist.

Do you have a favourite track from the new EP and if so, why is that your favourite?
It’s got to be “PAYRI$E”. The whole process of creating that song and its visual companions was a joy from start to finish. I love how wonky and brash and bratty it is. I think the character I play when I sing “PAYRI$E” is so unbelievably delusional and manic but so loveable. She’s just trying to figure out her worth and position in a relationship the only way she knows how. I love her.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?
The entire Sesame Street cast and crew.

Tell us one fact about yourself that we wouldn’t be able to find on a press release!
I once sang so hard my nose bled?

Aside from the exciting EP launch, what else do you have planned for 2022?
Hopefully some more shows, and lots of writing and planning for my next project! I’m so excited to flesh out what this next chapter will be. I want to sail a boat too.

Creative Direction
Greta Isaac, Karina Barberis, Suzie Walsh
Karina Barberis
Suzie Walsh
Lauren Webster
Giuseppe Stelitano
Toby Leary, Anthony Hensman
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