The artist unveils his latest single along with a cinematic music video.

With the way the British weather is set up, we can never be guaranteed a real summer. But here to bring the vibes whatever the season, is singer-songwriter Freddie Fiction with “Lie to Me”. Through the uplifting feel-good bass line to the infectious chorus and lyricism, the artist effortlessly captures the essence of love and loss, as he details that no matter what adversity he may face, he’ll always have love. Accompanying the release with a crisp cinematic visual, Fiction takes us through a compelling story that brings the song to life and while leaving us a heart-wrenching cliff hanger.

Talking on the tracks accompanying visual, Freddie explains, ”The music video shows a pilot crashing into the snowy peaked Himalayan mountain ranges. He knows that he is hundreds of miles from civilisation, and out there in the cold without provisions, he will likely die. However, in his mind, he conjures up an alternate reality. He envisions himself on a sun-drenched beach with a beautiful woman (perhaps the target of his affections). As the snow falls around him and it’s getting dark, the temperatures drop below freezing. He settles down and closes his eyes with a smile because, in his mind, he is somewhere else and happy. The last shot is of the two of them together at the sun-drenched beach. Did he perish on that mountain or did he make it out to reunite with the girl? That’s for the viewer to watch and decipher”.

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