The rising pop songstress unveils her latest track, and tells us how its her most personal bodies of work yet.

Photography by Elliott Lopes

Photography by Elliott Lopes

Dropping us straight into our feels, Sabrina Monique unveils her triumphant piano ballad, “Sideshow”. With an intensified soundscape resembling a lovechild between a James Bond theme song and a classic musical masterpiece, “Sideshow” dissects the heartwrenching ‘what ifs’ that follow the end of a relationship. Singing that she is tired of being someone’s “Sideshow”, Monique lends her soul-baring vocals to a narrative that compares her love to a carnival — showing the ways in which relationships can be chaotic, fun, adventurous and, ultimately, never able to live up to expectations.

Speaking on her new track, Sabrina explains, “‘Sideshow’ is a song unlike anything I have written or put out before. A long time coming, this song is almost too personal to me, and I do not think I have opened up like this yet in my music journey. I spent longer than I’d like to admit writing and rewriting as I was on an emotional rollercoaster, and I’m excited for people to hear this vulnerable side of myself as well as my music.”

Showing off her ability to create a totallty nuanced storyline within her songwriitng, we cannot wait to see where Sabrina’s personal approach to music will take her next. To pre-save the track, click here, to stream the single now, head below…

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