The artist is putting us right back in our feels with his new release.

Lucas Laufen
Lucas Laufen

With the way the weather is currently set up, we’re feeling to wrap ourselves in a cosy blanket and watch the rainfall from the comfort of our homes. And providing the perfect soundtrack to these warming moments is Lucas Laufen with “Weathering”. Gently easing us into a poignant soundscape laced with delicate strings, the artist smooth glides through the production before landing at the melancholic climax.

Opening up on the release, the Berlin-based artist said, “For me, Weathering is about this realisation and the change that comes with it. For example, recognising the positive in the apparently bad weather, stories on the way to the knowledge I gained and the people who helped me to recognise this,

Tying the single release with his long-awaited album of the same name, the artist continues to channel these emotions through a plethora of personal heartfelt single and productions. If there was ever a moment to be in your feels, make sure you do it with Laufen playing in the background.

Check out the release below…