Scroll below to watch the trailers that have made their way to the top of our must-watch lists.

Only Murders In The Building Season Two

The murderers are here. Yes, that’s right, our favourite trifecta of investigators are back for round two. This time, however, Charles, Oliver and Mabel find themselves on the wrong end of the investigation — with evidence from yet another brutal crime scene mysteriously appearing in their apartments. Continuing to document their findings on their fan-favourite podcast, Only Murders In The Building will follow the trio as they desperately fight to prove their innocence — while tracking down the true culprit in the process. Packed with the belly-laughing moments and quick-witted dialogue synonymous with the first season, it looks like this series will be giving sequels a much better reputation.

She Hulk

We all know the famous line of The Hulk: “You won’t like me when I’m angry”. Yet being in a space of anger and fear happens to be an almost constant state of mind for women — which proves all the more problematic for Marvel’s latest addition, She Hulk. From ordering shots when things get too much to being overloaded by a tumultuous job and belonging to a frustrating family, this Marvel hero is proving to be the most relatable and likeable yet. Juggling her ferocious alter ego with her profession as the face of a superhuman law division, She Hulk does one better than being a superhero — she’s an icon.


While She Hulk might have just entered the Marvel universe, Chris Hemsworth is finally stepping out of it, instead entering Spiderhead — a state-of-the-art correctional institution that performs experiments with mind-altering drugs on its inmates. Two of those subjects happen to be Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett, whose characters form a connection while seeking redemption for their questionable pasts. Glossing over images of blood-smeared glass windows, scenes of passion and some brutal fist fights, Spiderhead looks nothing short of a total white-knuckle ride.

First Kill

For us – a generation that blossomed on the intensely toxic love stories of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries – a love affair between a blood-sucking creature and a human is by no means a thread of new material. But what if that human was also a vampire hunter, looking to make their First Kill on a vampire who was looking to do the exact same? Unsure? Not to worry, as Netflix’s latest teen rom-com does plenty of the visuals for us. While both teenage girls embark on a journey to find themselves, they accidentally find each other. Instead of becoming each other’s first kills, they begin to kill for each other. Packed with suspense, romance and a nail-biting climax, First Kill just shot straight to the top of our watchlist.

Trees of Peace

Nothing grabs our attention faster than a feature film based on true events — so you can imagine our excitement when the trailer for Trees of Peace popped up on Netflix. Providing an extremely close-to-home account of the genocide in Rwanda, the picture follows the chance meeting of four women from totally different walks of life. Locked underground together in a bid to hide from the brutal violence, the women forge a sisterhood that is as moving as it is unbreakable. Due to drop on June 10th, we are officially preparing our inner crime-story-fanatic for this one.

Good Luck To You Leo Grande

Though I possessed no prior knowledge of the plot of Good Luck To You Leo Grande before watching its trailer, I was not at all prepared to see Emma Thompson propositioning a young man for a 69 in the same manner one would read out a shopping list. Yet despite the initial shock, the trailer soon becomes a quick-stop-shop of body, sex and promiscuous positivity. While Thompson’s character Nancy gives herself the chance to let go of shame and finally enjoy herself, Leo becomes the only adventure she’s ever had — and we are happy to be her watchful companions.

Father Of The Bride

One storyline that will never get old? A father meeting their daughter’s fiancé for the first time, of course. In HBO Max’s forthcoming comedy Father Of The Bride, a couple finds themselves treading the lines of divorce when their eldest daughter suddenly returns from Miami with more than just a fridge magnet. Having proposed to a guy she met on her trip, the family must now save face for the newly engaged couple as they rapidly repair for a quick turnaround wedding. While the bride-to-be’s parents keep their split off the record, the chaotic course of events begins to prove the many ways in which the heart can adapt in the name of love.


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