Sex education app Kama teams up with activist EmJae to bring us their forever-educational new dating series.

A trans-inclusive guide to dating
A trans-inclusive guide to dating

It is no secret that the world of dating is a tricky thing to navigate. But, the adult sex-ed app Kama is here to help you with this as they unveil their forever-educational series, EmJae’s Trans-Inclusive Guide to Dating.

Bringing together non-binary activist EmJae and the education app’s very own sex coach, Aaron, the pair are embarking on a candid and undeniably helpful journey through the world of dating which is set to include an exploration of every topic from pronouns to the forever-tricky art of flirting. Promising to abandon any filters in the name of providing clear-cut and candid advice, the series will offer viewers a refreshing narrative on modern-day dating, and for that we are thankful.

“The Kama app really intrigued me in that it was very human-centred and very inclusive,” explains EmJae when speaking on their affinity for the app. “It was more centred around anatomy as opposed to male and female. I’m trans and nonbinary so for me, to be able to find an app that just looks at the anatomy and pleasure and sexuality of all humans, really attracted me.”

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