As she drops her new single “Over and Over”, the London-based artist talks the women of the industry that have inspired her and reclaiming her power through the release.


Photography by Libby Cooper

Photography by Libby Cooper

If you are currently suffering from a case of the sad girl feels, listen up as we have the perfect remedy for you. Empowering and unapologetic, vi0let’s “Over and Over” is a punchy heartbreak anthem if there ever was one, as the artist draws on her own experience with toxic love and melts it into a slow winding and undeniably sultry R&B backing. With the syrupy tone of vi0let also clashing with the moody-tinged sound of collaborator Jymenik on this particular track, a two-toned melodic masterpiece reveals itself, one sure to be stuck on repeat in your mind all weekend long.

“Before pursuing music, I was trapped in a very toxic relationship for too long and writing songs about it has been so healing and empowering,” explains vi0let on the cathartic creative process that lead to the creation of “Over and Over”. “I feel like this song is a way of taking my power back.”

Upon the release of her latest single, the London-based talent took some time to chat with Wonderland about the surprisingly practical origins of her stage name, the powerful women of music that have inspired her and collaborating with Jymenik. Head below to enjoy our interview with vi0let…

Hi vi0let! How are you doing?
Hi Wonderland, I’m doing amazing, thank you!

Where are we speaking to you from right now?
Currently snacking on some sushi on my train back home after being in the studio all day. I wrote some new material which I’m buzzing about.

Let’s start by discussing your name, and more specifically, the way it is t! Is there a specific meaning or story behind it?
I know, what’s up with the 0, right? Funny story, ever since I was young I’ve been obsessed with the name Violet and all kinds of purple colours. I studied music the last three years and I remember in First Year someone told me to make it vi0let with the 0 so I’d be the first one to pop on the internet when you searched me, and to be honest, it worked!

Who would you cite as your biggest musical inspiration growing up?
From Beyoncé to Ella Fitzgerald to Rihanna, I’ve always felt drawn to strong and powerful women. I used to chill in my bedroom playing Adele’s first albums on repeat; I still know all the words to every album.

Do they still inspire you and your music today?
Most definitely. If it hadn’t been for these amazing women in music, I probably would have never had the courage and confidence to do what I love. They also inspire me to keep pushing myself vocally and with my songwriting.

You have just dropped “Over and Over”, congratulations on this! How are you feeling about the world hearing this track!
Thank you, I am absolutely buzzing! I have been working on this song for a very long time and am so proud to release this track. I really feel like it shows how much I’ve grown as an artist, and you can hear the confidence in my delivery.

And you say the track is about you getting over a toxic relationship and the heartbreak that came with this. Was the creative process behind the track a cathartic one?
It absolutely was. Before pursuing music, I was trapped in a very toxic relationship for too long and writing songs about it has been so healing and empowering. I feel like this song is a way of taking my power back.

And, you have collaborated with Jymenik on this track! How did you meet her and what was it like working with her in the studio?
I met Jymenik during my studies through mutual friends. I remember when I first met her, I thought she was so cool and I could barely talk to her. We soon realised how similar we were and how much mutual respect we had for each other. Then, I wrote “Over and Over” and immediately thought, ‘She needs to be on this track!’. She was so down and sent me a voice note that evening free-styling her verse, and it was the best thing I’d ever heard. Soon after, we got in the studio and she just killed it! I adore how unique and dark her voice is, whereas mine is more light and airy, I feel like our voices compliment each other so well.

What is your favourite song to listen to right now?
There is so many to choose from! I’ve really been enjoying Lucky Daye’s new album and recently fell back in love with “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”, by Deborah Cox after watching a lip-sync performance of it on Rupaul’s Drag Race.

What is one fact you wish the world knew about you, but they don’t as no one has ever asked you about it before?
I can Irish dance! I grew up in Ireland for ten years and loved it. Maybe I should find a way to do it for a music video but in a cool way!

Aside from the release of “Over and Over”, what is next for you in 2022?
Well, “Over and Over” is actually the first single off my EP, which is coming out this summer! It’s going to be a six-track project with multiple music videos, live performances and really cool visuals. I really feel this project will help people get to know me more, and I can’t wait to share the new music!


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