The international rap artist unveils two brand new tracks along with an addictive music video.

Never one to do things by a half measure, PsychoYP unveils not one new single, but two — with one of them accompanied by a stunning visual. For “Midlife Crisis”, PsychoYP fuses island beats with a rhythmic flow to deliver an energy-charged summer anthem that celebrates and evaluates the ways we choose to spend our lives. The visual furthers the track’s personable feel, laced with home-movie-style clips that show the artist experiencing the ups and downs of everyday life. On the track, he explains, “The song comes from a special place because I’m used to showing my strengths and hardcore side. This time, I really wanted to tell people the kind of relationships we face right now. They are filled with broken people finding something special in each other. ‘Midlife Crisis’ tells the story of a young boy in love with an older woman. Their bond is formed from the need to escape and craving for intimacy”.

As for “WYDTM”, PsychoYP adds, “I spent a lot of time studying UK music and the various styles in the black music scene. This song is pure vibes inspired by the Craig David era that I grew up listening to with my older siblings when I was much younger and we lived in the UK with my mum. It’s an upbeat dance track about turning to material things to deal with heartbreak, and I just had to tap Apex Village prodigy Azanti for the garage-themed tune”.

To celebrate the release of the tracks, we spoke with the rapper about his journey so far, the inspiration behind both tracks and his entry into the NFT space. To stream the video for “Midlife Crisis” and for the full interview, scroll below…

Hey PsychoYP, how’s it going?
Amazing. I’m in Morocco right now with my family. Came out here with like 50 of us. It’s crazy.

What’s most important to you when you’re making music?
Good vibes. It’s really important for the vibe to be good and alright to bring out the best in me.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?
Young Money, Travis Scott, Young Thug. Notice all these guys are moguls and pioneers in their own right. I look up to that.

And you just released your fourth studio project Euphoria not so long ago, do you have any standout moments during its making/release?
I made ‘Euphoria’ at the top of the Radisson Blu overlooking Birmingham. It was such a thrilling time in my life because it was during the lockdown but I found a way to get inspiration. Also, I had my first release party in London. We announced it a couple of days before and the venue was packed…at capacity before the show even started. Crazy.

Would you say growing up in Nigeria impacted your sound at all?
Not really. I don’t make afrobeats. I rap and make hip-hop. I actually grew up shuffling between London and Abuja so I was able to acquire many international sounds.

And congratulations on the release of “Midlife Crisis” and “WYDTM”! Can you talk us through the meaning of both tracks?
“Midlife Crisis” tells a lot. Sometimes I just want to tell a story and that song just shows how we share life with people. I’m glad to be able to rap and be vulnerable at the same time. ‘WYDTM’ is a classic smash. Craig David was a superstar in Nigeria. I don’t even know if he knows this lol. But everyone was singing and dancing to his tunes then. “WYDTM” is pretty much inspired by that vibe and using material things to feel better.

Both tracks have their own very unique sounds, from melodic rap to garage. Are there any sounds you have yet to explore but would like to?
Definitely reggae, dancehall, bashment. I need to go to Jamaica and vibe for like three months straight.

And you mentioned with “Midlife Crisis” that it comes from a special place, what did you mean by that?
The producer of the song (SCXTT) has been working with me since I started my career. He’s one of the first to believe in my sound and this guy has worked with AJ Tracey, Tee Grizzley and more. So I’m blessed to be able to show a different side on his production.

Can you talk us through the inspiration for the music video for “Midlife Crisis”?
We really wanted it to look as introspective and affectionate as possible. It was inspired by Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video. It was shot in Accra in Ghana, and the city has an intimate feel to it. I usually travel there to reset and refresh when I am stressed.

And finally, are you working on anything else? What are you most excited for in the near future?
I’m working on an album and trying to venture into the NFT space. Also want to tour universities in Nigeria. There’s going to be so much fun stuff out soon.