The duo get candid on their heartfelt new single.

Giving us a gentle entrance into the weekend with their soothing new offering is REUNIØN with “Caves”. Leading us into a woozy soundscape filled with gentle piano keys, the duo take us through wistful and simplistic production that tells the tale of optimism and hope through dark times.

Breaking down the release, the artists said “’Caves’ is a song about emerging from something, somewhere. We’ve all been kind of cooped up of late so there’s that desire to head back out in the world, but it’s also about stepping out of any dark place, into the sunlight… from a broken heart, into a new chapter. Anything we all sometimes need a little help and hope getting out of.”

Fusing the production with delicate strings and vocals, the duo deliver a stirring single that combines both their talents for creating a beautiful sonic landscape and heartfelt lyricism. Accompanying the release with a video illustrated by acclaimed Japanese illustrator Sonoko Obuchi, the duo bring their single to life as we see an individual tackle a difficult period in their life.

Check out the release below…