Doja Cat, Alexander23 and Internet Money feature in this week’s playlist.

Doja Cat – “Vegas”

Let’s be real, is there any better place to start than with a heavenly slice of Doja? And, finally dropping the single she first teased during her performance at this year’s Coachella, we are all officially on our way to “Vegas”. Bouncy, utterly irresistible and undeniably sexy, Doja’s playful vocals and spoken verse drip across the soundtrack, leaving us at the very height of anticipation for the track’s upcoming Original Motion Picture, ELVIS.

Alexander23 – “Crash”

Since collaborating with Olivia Rodrigo on the spellbinding “Hate Me If It Hurts”, we have all been patiently waiting to see where Alexander23 will take his genre-melting sound next. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait too long for “Crash”, the latest addition to our sad girl summer playlist. Raw in lyrics and velvety vocals, “Crash” is all you’ll need to lick the wounds of your latest heartbreak.

Emilia Tarrant – “When It Was Chaotic”

Coming at us equipped with angelic vocals and a triumphant melody, Emilia Tarrant drops her awe-inspiring new single, “When It Was Chaotic”. As the artist finds herself missing the times where her mental health was all over the place, she dissects the complex nature of poor mental health, in turn making sure her listeners never feel alone. On the track, Emilia says, “I wrote a song about not being able to write songs! I think a lot of people who struggle with mental health day to day can understand how feeling something, even if it’s uncontrollable and endless, is better than feeling completely functionless.”

KSI x S-X – “Locked Out”

Pumping some much-needed energy into the roundup, S-X calls upon longtime collaborator KSI to create “Locked Out”, a track charged with teenage angst and romantic pessimism. Speaking on the meaning behind the track, S-X explains, “The song is a reflection of being “locked out” of someone’s presence or energy. Feeling like you don’t know where you stand and going through ups and downs as a cycle.”

Belot – “Fake Phone Calls”

Whether it be that awkward moment when you realise you’re walking in the wrong direction, avoiding eye contact with *that* family member, or getting out of an awkward conversation, we have all been guilty of faking an elaborate fake phone call. In Belot’s new track “Fake Phone Calls”, she pulls apart the sadness in the socially awkward act while delighting our ear drums with an addictively upbeat percussion. Elaborating on the track, Belot says, “‘Fake phone calls’ is an unfortunately true tale about when I almost physically ran into my ex whilst walking with my new partner. In order to do anything and everything to avoid the hellish interaction, I fumbled and pretended to be on the phone and of course, my phone decided to ring at that very moment, so I panicked and crossed the road… She pretended she didn’t see me and the whole thing was the stuff of nightmares.”

Knucks ft Stormzy – “Die Hard”

Adding some visual content to our Wonderlist, Knucks and Stormzy deliver the heat with “Die Hard” — a visual effort that pulsates your ear drums while keeping you in a trance for a solid four minutes. Shot in a gentleman’s club style setting, the artists are suited while playing a game of chess — rapping about the multiple ways in which they could choose to live their lives. Interspersed with dynamic clips of outdoor meetings with friends, blood-spattered death beds and dark and brooding suites, the duo lend their signature lyrical prowess to the track that asserts “I’m not tryna die hard, I’m tryna die great”.

Rema – “Are You There?”

Never failing to get his listeners straight on their feet, Rema drops another high-energy track and visual for “Are You There?” Mixing his charming vocals with catching lyrics and a hip-swaying flow, “Are You There?” Has us craving the buzz of a pool-side party or, if the accompanying music video is anything to go by, the daring debauchery of an out of control house party.

Harlee – “Reset”

Handing us another dosage of her highly coveted vocals, Harlee drops “Reset”, a funk-ridden track that has us craving the darkened walls and sparkling glasses of our closest club. On the meaning behind the track, Harlee explains, “‘Reset’ is about the power of regret, a big emotion we all feel. We wish we had the opportunity to start again, but it’s important people interpret the song however they like! It’s still uplifting even though the lyrics hit hard, a sad bop is a powerful bop! It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever been involved in and I’m so proud to call it mine.”

Cuco – “Caution”

Blending hip hop, Latin and psych music into a totally unique concoction of escapist sound, we have all officially sipped from Cuco’s Koolaid — and we already need another hit. From the playful production to the mindful lyricism, Cuco is not here to play around — but we are definitely enjoying the ride.

Internet Money ft Yeat – “No Handoutz”

Dropping their dynamic new track “No Handoutz”, Internet Money mark their first collaborative effort with Yeat — where no synth melodies, tolling bells or firey lyrics were left unturned. With Yeat lending much of his signature flow to the track’s biting ad-libs, “No Handoutz” is certainly a winner for us.

Jvck James – “Hennessey Tears”

Ending this week’s Wonderlist on a deliciously soulful note, we get drunk on Jvck James’ “Hennessey Tears”. Blending R&B sensibilities with a subtle touch of soul, “Hennessey Tears” instantly catapults you into a wave of tranquillity — allowing your worries to melt into its triumphant melody.