The Baltimore-hailing singer-songwriter unveils her first single of 2022 following the release of her debut EP.

Photography by Erica Snyder

Photography by Erica Snyder

Listening to Ashley Kutcher’s new single “Love Me More” feels akin to the comfort of your favourite rom-com: sugar-sweet melodies, honey-suckled vocals and an all-encompassing tale of heartache. Yet through poignant lyricism and triumphant percussions, “Love You More” is far from the average heartbreak anthem — it is an introspective analogy of ones own emotion. Exploring the idea that you can never love as passionately and innocently as you could when you were young, “Love You More” tackles the taboo surrounding what love should really feel like.

In sharing her own experiences through the track, Ashley provides a blank canvas upon which her listeners can write out their own troubles — eventually allowing her symphonic melody to wash it clean.

Speaking of her new track, the artist explains, “‘Love You More’ encompasses the thoughts and emotions of being stuck in the past. This song is about feeling as if you’ll never love as innocently as you did when you were young. Even when you find someone really great, you feel like you’re incapable of loving them as strongly as you loved before.”

Marking her first release since her debut EP “One Eighty”, we spoke with Ashley about her new track, her journey so far and what is next to come.

To stream her new track and for the full interview, head below…

Photography by Erica Snyder

Photography by Erica Snyder

Hey Ashley! How are you doing?
I’m doing great, thank you for asking! It’s getting warmer here in NYC and I’m very happy about that.

We’d love to know a fact about yourself that you’d love your listeners and fans to know about you?
I used to be a level 9 (USA) competitive gymnast up until high school! I usually forget to tell people that. I’m pretty sure I could still do a backflip, but I’d rather not try lol.

As a rising artist, how do you find being a woman in the industry? Have you met any setbacks?
Walking into the music industry has been a huge change in my life. I came right out of nursing school and started working full time as an artist with no prior industry experience. It was definitely a shock and I’m still navigating it. I have fortunately not met major setbacks yet being a woman, but I think as I learn more about myself as an artist, I learn more about what’s best for me. I personally have found it easier for me as a female to have female management. I also work with a lot of female writers and producers. I feel that we just understand each other more and we really want to help each other succeed.

What/who inspires you most when you’re writing your tracks?
There is no limit to what can inspire music. It can be a quote, a feeling, a personal experience, a random sign I drive by on the highway, another song, a book, and so much more. I just write down everything I want to say in my notes and turn it into music. It’s so cool to me that you can have this small idea or phrase and turn it into something so beautiful.

Congratulations on the release of “Love You More”! What was going through your mind while making this?
This song was inspired by a quote I read in a book. The main character’s ex-husband had moved on but said “I love her [his new wife], but I’ll always love you [the ex] more.” At first I was mad at this because that’s not how it should be. But then I tried to put myself in his shoes and it made sense. When you’re younger, love can be so intense. More walls go up as you get older. Because of that, “love” can feel so much stronger with your first love or marriage.

The track delves into love as a teenager and love as an adult being totally different, is that something you have personally experienced?
I have experienced this 100%. I think when we were younger, what we thought was love was probably not actually love. It was exciting and thrilling, but not committed. I remember my heart feeling like it was torn into a million pieces for a boy I had only known for a few months when I was 15. Although this “love” or “lust” can feel stronger as a kid, you learn more as you get older. With that being said, I do think you find a better and longer lasting love as you get older.

What do you hope people will take away from your music?
I love when people tell me things like, “I’ve been trying to put this feeling in words but I couldn’t and this song perfectly describes it.” That’s why I do this. To write songs that make people feel something and help them through difficult times. I am so proud of this album I am writing right now because it really tells my story.

And finally, what is next for you? What are you most excited for this coming year?
I’m writing my album and planning more shows! I think I am most excited to just keep writing. I have been so proud of what I have been working on and I truly cannot wait to share it.

Photography by Erica Snyder

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