The artist talks toxic breakups and holds her ex hostage in the music video for her track.

Morgan Munroe
Morgan Munroe

As much as we hate to admit it, we all have let toxic thoughts enter our brains. And, Leicester-hailing Morgan Munroe wants to talk about this on her new track, “Mutual”. Lending her set of powerhouse, retro-tinged vocals to the sun-soaked track, a warm air washes over it, making it truly ambient in nature. But, while the sweet sound of TJ2Percent’s masterful production and the artist’s mesmerising tone may lead you to believe this is an innocent-natured track, a closer listen will tell you otherwise. “This song is about not wanting to be with your partner anymore but not wanting them to be with anyone else either,” explains Munroe.

To build on this all too relatable theme, the singer-songwriter has dropped the “Mutual” music video. A vivid portrayal of a relationship turned sour, we watch the artist entrap her ex in a gloriously toxic display, perfectly embodying the track’s core message.

Going on to talk about the video Munroe divulges, “It’s a relatable subject but I didn’t want the visuals to portray a ‘real’ or obvious version of a relationship so we explored the oxymoron and fictionalised the visual story, I had fun pretending to take my fake boyfriend hostage for doing me dirty lol!”

Head below to listen to “Mutual”…