The artist-on-the-rise unveils his sophomore EP off the back of his Grammy award nomination, and speaks with us about what’s next on the horizon.

Though we are just about recovered from a fairly eventful three day weekend, Terri keeps the vibes flowing with a cocktail of afropop and R&B beats in the form of his brand new EP, “In Transit”. From the breezy vibes of “Danger” to the fast-paced groove of “Holy Water”, Terri delivers an effort that is rich in soul, witty in lyricism and captivating in delivery.

Speaking of the EP, Terri explains, “I spent the past year exploring different sounds and honing my craft – this project is an account of that artistic journey, as well as my personal journey going through the different emotions of love, relationships, and romance. ‘In Transit’ is a transition from where I was musically, to where I am now, and where I’m headed. It’s me thinking about where I’m coming from, acknowledging my growth, and getting closer to my goals”.

Having already received his first Grammy award nomination, Terri is quickly solidifying himself as one to watch for the upcoming year. Unwavering in his artistry and intentions, we couldn’t help but wonder what’s next in store for him. To stream the EP and to read our exclusive interview with Terri, head below now…

Hey Terri, how are you doing? Where are we speaking to you from?
I’m great! I’m in my home country, Nigeria, in the city of Lagos precisely, where I was born and raised.

Can you tell us one fact about yourself that you would love your fans to know about you?
I wake up pretty early and if you’re in my house or close to me, I wake you up too. My friends find that very annoying but I love it lol.

And what’s your favourite thing about making music?
My favourite thing about music is all that music itself represents. Music is energy, being blessed to be able to create a mood that moves people, helps them get through their days means so much to me.

Who would you pinpoint as your biggest influences?
A person? That would be Wizkid, his work ethic and love for music drive me to be the best version of myself that I can ever be. I am also greatly inspired by my experiences and environment.

Your EP lead single “Danger” garnered over three million plays in just a few weeks, were you expecting it? How did it feel?
Hmmm as an artist you never really know what’s coming but you know and you hope everyone loves the music just as much as you do. It’s been such a trip seeing and hearing reactions to “Danger”, it can only go up from here and I’m so ready to give you all great sounds and more.

And now you’re unveiling your fresh EP “In Transit”, congrats! You’ve mentioned that it was just as much of an emotional journey as it is an artistic one. What spurred you to explore such personal topics?
Yeah, I started working on the project shortly after Afro Series dropped, and by mid-2021, it became clearer to my team and I, the direction we wanted for the music. I make music for lovers, for you to feel good and vibe and that’s how I wanted each song to possess. The lyrics are personal, cos I write about stuff I’ve been through and experienced.

Do you have a favourite track of the EP at the moment? And if so why?
Every time, I play the project, I have a new favourite. All the songs are favourites. It was so hard picking the final tracks too, took us months.

Where do you see yourself taking your sound next?
My team and I are working on touring and other stuff, more music, I’m still recording, already working on my next project. I can’t wait to share my music with the world. It’s such a blessing to be an artist in these times, where the world is listening to our music and it’s great to be a part of that movement, taking African music to the world.

Do you have any goals to achieve for the rest of the year?
My first headline event, that’s a major goal for me and my team; and maybe one more project.


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