The UK-based artist unveils the titular track to his upcoming EP along with a spellbinding visual.

Offering us a sweet sip of the good life, Brandz transports us to a sunny suburban mansion in the sensual visual for his latest effort, “On Me”. A collaborative effort with UK rapper and singer ZieZie, “On Me” hits the sweet spot between sultry R&B beats and fierce rap — making for the ultimate summer anthem that oozes feel-good vibes and an irresistible sex appeal.

Speaking on the track, Brandz says, “The song came about from ZieZie and I wanting to put more focus on R&B as a culture in the UK, and when I was in LA last year, I sent this track over to ZieZie, he sent his verse back to me in an hour, and the rest is history. The song is about that special feeling you get when you see that person you’ve fallen for!”

While Brandz gears up to unveil his second solo EP in two years, “On Me” is more than just a titular track. With its slow and steady temperament and addictive flow, the catching groove of the track is the ultimate embodiment of Brandz as an artist. To celebrate the release of the single, we spoke with him about his year so far, the inspiration behind the spellbinding visual and what is next to come.

To stream the video and for the full interview, scroll below now…

Hey Brandz, how are you today?
I’m fine, the day’s good, the sun’s shining man, a rarity in London.

What were your peaks and pits of the last year?
I’d say a pit for me was releasing music during Covid-19 with travel restrictions. A peak for me was going Silver on my track “Intro” and being featured in NBA2K21 & NBA2K22.

Now let’s go back to the beginning, how did you first get into music? Was it something you always wanted to pursue?
I used to want to be a footballer. It wasn’t something I wanted to pursue at first, however, I’ve always been around music and could sing from a young age. I knew with my brother making music as well I would always fall into it in some way. If footie didn’t work out, music was always a natural progression for me.

And would you say that growing up in London affected your sound/tastes at all?
The diverse sounds in UK culture and music scene nurtured my sound in a sense however I didn’t really use this as inspiration more as reinforcement that there is a spotlight on UK artists as my sound is really RNB and HipHop.

You’ve just released your second solo EP since your first two years ago! Has your creative process changed at all? Does this effort feel different to your previous work?
My studio process hasn’t changed much, I still freestyle a lot and flow naturally on tracks. However, my thought process has changed in how I craft tracks, with a marketing and deeper meaning viewpoint fuelling my creative process.

Congratulations on the release of the focus track, “On Me”! What was your mindset when making it?
I made “On Me” two years ago whilst out in La. My thought process behind the track was to create a cheeky uplifting anthem for women celebrating love. When I say “Put it on me”, I don’t just mean in a physical sense, I mean emotionally and mentally also.

And what was it like collaborating with UK rapper and singer ZieZie?
It was really dope because we’ve been cool for a minute and now being able to actually work and have a record together is great. We already had a great friendship.

How did you come up with the concept for the accompanying music video?
I wanted to do something funny, different and in favour of City Girls 2022.

Are you working on anything else for this coming year? What’s next for you?
Lots of exciting things, I have another project I’m dropping with a surprise feature. I’m also working with a lot of amazing Grammy award-winning producers and artists, very excited for 2022 and I’m going to be consistently dropping heat all year long.


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