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IG: @avamax

IG: @avamax

Erica Manzoli – “Rock Bottom”

It’s a pretty safe to assume that we have all reached rock bottom at some point — but in Erica Manzoli’s latest single, she admits that she may have got a little too comfortable there. With her tender and angelic vocals, the singer-songwriter cracks open the box containing her darkest thoughts, singing of her reluctance to allow herself to be happy out of fear of being hurt. Hacked from her hotly dropped EP “I’m Okay, I Promise”, Erica explains, “I think when you’re having a hard time, allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be exhausting and it’s tempting not to try at all. Sometimes when I’m completely happy I get anxious that I’m not anxious and wait for something to go wrong. So there’s some comfort in knowing things can’t get worse.”

Monjola – “Extrovert”

Ever felt like you don’t want to be alone but also just want to be at home? Monjola feels you, exploring the dichotomy between independent and social butterflies in his rich and melodic rap effort, “Extrovert”. Produced by the artist’s brother Moyo, the track is the perfect amalgamation of soothing synths, punching beats and jazzy guitar strings. In his own words, Monjola says “‘Extrovert’ is about wanting to be around people, but also wanting to be alone. The song expresses the confusing and sometimes frustrating emotions that arise from the contradicting states of loneliness – with or without human interaction.”

Benzz – “Je’Mappelle”

Following the success of Jack Harlow’s personal take on Fergie’s “Glamorous”, we have been patiently waiting for more decade-defining anthems to be picked up, given a facelift, and blasted through every speaker available. Luckily, Benzz came armed with the dancehall favourite “Destination Calabria” to coin his monstrous new single, “Je M’appelle”. Pulsating with infectious energy, Benzz spares not an ounce of his lyrical prowess and chest-pounding production, leaving us electrified for the long weekend ahead.

Sampa The Great – “Lane”

No Wonderlist would be complete without a dosage of visual content, and delivering just that with a blockbuster-worthy bow, Sampa The Great unveils the short film-esque visual for her latest track, “Lane”. Featuring the musical stylings of Denzel Curry, the track is led by a trap beat and rolling bass, while Sampa raps in defiance of confinement — finding newfound freedom within herself.

Ava Max – “Maybe You’re The Problem”

As fierce as her new hairdo, Ava Max drops the biting “Maybe You’re The Problem”. Combatting the gaslighters, the track rips apart the unfair expectations placed upon her by her ex — leaving Ava to hold a mirror up to the person that hurt her, revealing them as the culprit of their demise. Released alongside a charming visual, Ava’s classic 00s sensibilities and chick flick flair comes at full force, making for a totally addictive watch and listen in one.

Quarry – “Chemical”

Offering a slice of nostalgia to this week’s playlist, Quarry drops his rhythmic new single, “Chemical”. Exploring the euphoria of a chemical romance, the track is uplifting and danceable, yet underpinned by an addictively moody bassline. Posing as the perfect medium between a sickenly sweet love song and an 80s teenage angst anthem, we’ll be looping this one for the foreseeable.

NORA – “Boys Getting Bored”

Making her debut both on our Wonderlist and within the industry, the London-based alt-pop artist NORA unveils her new song, “Boys Getting Bored”. Just in time for hot girl summer, NORA’s toying vocals narrate a story of one too many tumultuous experiences with men and dating — leaving behind the latest addition to our single lady’s playlists.

Steve Aoki x HRVY – “Save Me”

Forming their latest collaborative effort, HRVY and Steve Aoki bring earnest lyrics, catchy melodies and head-bopping production to their sonic single, “Save Me”. Featuring Aoki’s iconic flow and HRVY’s velvety vocals, the track gets you instantly on your feet, while offering a space for some meaningful introspection at your leisure. As for the visual, Steve shares “For ‘Save Me,’ I wanted to create a vibrant and fun drop that had a special bounce to match HRVY’s incredible vocal style. When we did the video, it felt like a haunted church vibe was the perfect setting for what the soul-stirring lyrics depict.”

Kirsty Grant – “Quick Fix”

Closing our Wonderlist on a deliciously sombre note, Kirsty Grant bares her soul in her painfully vulnerable new track, “Quick Fix”. Seeing the artist in a state of sheer exhaustion, Kirsty reflects on the tumultuous relationship that she and her partner have been through — coming to the resolution that neither is at fault, they are just simply not used to love. Mixing poignant lyrics with tender vocals and a triumphant melody, “Quick Fix” is exactly that for anyone going through heartache.