The artist contemplates the feeling of all-consuming infatuation on her new track, accompanied by a twisted music video.


While hot girl summer may be pending, love is still planted firmly on the brain of many. And, D’Arcy’s “Crazy” may be the reason why. A twisted take on a romantic cut, all-consuming lust and love are contemplated by the artist as she explores the toxic and dangerous emotions that can arise during the throes of obsession. To deliver this intense set of lyrics, D’Arcy lends her haunting vocal tone and a stirring, atmospheric production to the track, making it one sure to send listeners into a trance.

When discussing her latest release, the artist explained, “‘Crazy’ is about falling in love with someone and being transported into a different world where just the two of you exist. It is about wanting to feel that intense emotion no matter the cost, which sometimes can result in darkness. I really wanted the lyrics to capture what it feels like to really fall in love for the first time, where your whole world becomes this other person and you would do anything to keep that feeling alive.”

If the title was not evidence enough that the feelings of infatuation can be both beautiful and dangerous in equal measure, its accompanying music video works hard to prove it. Directed by Mynxii White, the visuals show the artist in a trippy trance as she aimlessly wanders around dimly lit streets in a hospital gown, all the while delivering her new track in a chilling manner. Artistic and perfectly encapsulating the theme of the track, the music video is proof that “Crazy” is one worthy of your attention.

Head below to listen to “Crazy”…

What made you choose “Crazy” as your newest single? Can you describe its significance to you?
Crazy is definitely a special song for me. The song has been finished for a little while, but I wanted to make sure that there was a strong visual to accompany it before setting up a release. I think this song is very visceral and visual. When I listen to it, I sink right back into these little vignettes that I sing about in the verses; dancing close to someone in a club, smoking a cigarette in your lover’s bedroom, etc. To me this song encapsulates the moment right before or right after a really good kiss, where you’re just sitting in the silence and earnestness of the moment, in this dreamlike space, just letting the moment be still. It’s that moment where everything is perfect and you know that it can’t possibly last, but you can always close your eyes and go right back there. To me this song allows me to close my eyes and go right back to a certain time and place. I was seeing a lot of blue when I wrote the song, and so we found a way to incorporate water into the film. I like how the song takes its time, there is no enormous build up or drop, and so it allows the listener, hopefully, to enter another reality for just a few minutes.

How did you go about translating it into a visual format?
I worked with Mynxii White, the director, to pull images for a mood board to nail down the general vibe and aesthetic of the video. We wanted to create more of a short film than a music video; it was important to both of us that everything was really artfully done. I had a really strong vision already for the video, and thankfully Mynxii and I have amazing creative chemistry, and so we were able to bring different but very complementary elements to the table. I had this idea that I wanted the protagonist to be in a hospital gown, and Mynxii had all these gorgeous locations planned out in downtown LA mostly. It felt, in equal part, romantic and disturbing to have this girl wandering around Los Angeles, possibly just released from a hospital, or possibly in a nightmare / dream… Who’s to say what the “reality” is? The darker elements of the video juxtapose nicely with the music, I think, and perhaps speak to the somber aftermath of a love affair.

With regard to what you’ve been working on, including “Crazy,” how does this new era of songs compare to your debut EP? Is there a thread that runs through both?
The new songs are quite different from the Hard to Kill EP. I wanted the music to move in the direction of a more “live” sound, with live drums and guitars and bass. I also wanted to play as many instruments as I could on the new record, so there’s quite a bit of piano and acoustic guitar, but also still some fun electronic sounds I generated with my synthesizer. Crazy sits in between the old material and what’s ahead, and I think it serves as a nice transition song. The EP had a lot of fire in its belly, and I think it was a cool, confident moment. The album feels more mature. It is confident too, but in a different way; perhaps it is confident in its honesty and ability to be vulnerable and intimate. It is a lot more raw and human than the EP, both sonically and lyrically – they both still feel very much “D’Arcy,” but different sides.


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