The 21-year-old London-based artist unveils his first single release since returning to the UK to focus on his passions.

Whether you’re currently staring into the abyss of an underground tube carriage, trapped within the confines of an office or simply enjoying the mundanity of a morning coffee, MARL0 drops the ultimate soundtrack to have you feeling like the main character with the reluctantly positive “Time Will Tell”. As the title implies, “Time Will Tell” carries a load of hopeful optimism on its back, while rising synths and pillow-soft vocals draw all emotion from its listeners — allowing them to slowly dissipate into a warming melody.

Speaking on the track, the artist explains, “This song is really about maintaining hope when everything seems to be falling apart, and feeling sad, or angry is okay because everything is temporary and in time you will be fine”. 

Having recently returned to the UK to spend time with family and hone in on his craft, the London-based musician coined the song in the garage of his parent’s home. From the heartfelt lyrics to the dreamy instrumentals, “Time Will Tell” is the ultimate exemplar of MARL0’s cathartic, introspective and all too relatable songwriting.

To stream the track along with the mesmerizing music video now, scroll below…