We round up some of our favourite looks from this year’s event, featuring shots taken at the awe-inspiring MACBA.

From spellbinding runways to iridescent colour palettes and scenic backdrops, this year’s digital edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week went far beyond expectations to showcase the very best of Barcelona’s emerging designers. And with the first two days providing ample inspiration for the upcoming summer months, we thought it was about time to introduce the brands that brought the bi-annual event to a close. With this year’s backdrop provided by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, designers allowed their collections to breathe in brand new spaces — leaving us all stricken with awe.

So to see our final round-up of designers that starred in this year’s event, head below now…

Paloma Wool

Creating a collection fit for all the earth signs, Paloma Wool debuted a brand new collection inspired by natural patterns, colours and materials. Featuring naturally washed denim, asymmetric cotton and earth-toned wool, the capsule is both elegant and casual, comfy yet fashion-forward. Posing as a true homage to the DNA fabric of the label, Paloma Wool strips her designs to their most natural form — showcasing their ability to transcend every season, timeline and trend.

Eiko Aï

After a bank holiday packed with sun-soaked skies and beer-garden motives, we can finally bid our winter wardrobes goodbye in favour of light and fruity garments. Motivating us to follow through with this task, Eiko Aï showcased their solar energy-inspired collection named Lucid Dreams. While every fabric was doused in citrus shades of lemon and tangerine, the cuts remained oversized and breezy. Vibrant, warm and sensual, the collection will have you feeling freshly sun-kissed and ready for a cosmopolitan by the beach.

The Artelier

For those who opt for jacquard prints and dynamic patterns, The Artelier present them by the bucketload in the form of uniquely cut suits and co-ord sets. While each waistcoat, suit jacket and cigarette trouser leg is bathed in warm sunset-inspired hues, the designer portrays the ups and downs of her personal life. While sheer fabrics like tulle represent her transparency, the use of oversized fits seeks to portray an all-embracing feel. Keeping suits as the main character of the capsule, she represents mourning and marriage in equal parts — celebrating both individualism and unity.


Another collection with metaphor coursing through its DNA is The Meaning of Paper, a line by Simorra which brought the 29th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion to a close. Keeping a blank canvas throughout, structured shirts and sweetheart necklines are brought to life by a crisp white fabric that mimics the texture of paper. Proposing the need for a fresh start, the collection inspires us to write our new beginnings and embrace turning over a new page.

Tiscar Espadas

Taking storytelling to a whole new level, Tíscar Espadas debuted their latest collection Capítulo Abierto against a clean white background — allowing the unique silhouettes and garments to create a dreamlike narrative based on heroes and characters that are in between divine and human. With collars picked from the Victorian era and hats that evoke medieval sentiments, the collection brings menswear into a mythical realm, allowing imagination and possibilities to run wild.

Victor Von Schwartz

And finally, ending our round-up with a bubblegum-coloured bang, Victor Von Schwartz showcased their new collection titled La Triada. Inspired by the Asian mafias of the 80s and 90s, a selection of puffy mesh tops and cropped suits feature, leaving a feminine air throughout the pieces. Utilizing mesh, sequins and fur, the collection embraces transparency and femininity in equal parts — creating a display that is as captivating and memorable as the label themselves.


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