Scroll below to listen to the tunes that have made their way onto this week’s playlist.

Mwanje – “Dandelions”

Another week, another Wonderlist. And making sure it pops off with a euphoric bang, Mwanje delivers their fresh EP “Seasons” — featuring their vibey focus track, “Dandelions”. Led by angelic vocals and sparkling synths, the track quickly gives way to a moody beat drop that makes it near impossible to resist its danceable allure. “Dandelions” just made its way onto our pre-party playlists, and we have no doubt it will be making an appearance in yours shortly after.

Child of the Parish – “Ghost of a Chance”

In the words of Child of the Parish, “This is a bit of a curveball for us, I’m not even that sure of how to describe it! We wanted to maybe try something a little darker, a bit epic at points, and experiment with some different sounds. It definitely goes on a bit of a voyage through its different sections.” While the band may have left themselves lost for words, we luckily have a few. Making for the aural equivalent of a rollercoaster ride, the track pulses with an energy that is as relatable as it is uplifting. It’s no surprise that by the end we don’t know how to feel, but will keep hitting replay regardless.

Fyfe and Iskra Strings – “Purpose” feat. Ghostpoet

Never withholding in his blunt lyricism and transparent perspectives, Ghostpoet collaborates with the eclectic stylings of Fyfe and Iskra Strings to create “Purpose” — a stream of consciousness that ponders our true purpose in life. Over dark and haunting drumlines, the track digs its claws into the calamitous corners of the human psyche, forcing its listeners to hear their words and digest them into action.

Potter Payper – “Gangsteritus Part 2”

Making for a painfully honest track, Potter Payper reprises his distinctive flows and unfaltering clarity to create the hard-hitting “Gangsteritus Part 2”. Thanks to the arrestive lyricism, the track builds a crystal clear looking glass into the rapper’s life, where he sings of the things he has had to sacrifice to get to where he is today.

Ravyn Leane – “M.I.A.”

Doing it for the R&B girlies, Ravyn Leane gifts us with the hypnotic and sensual single, “M.I.A.”. Teasing what is to be expected from her forthcoming album Hypnos, the artist injects emancipation and power into twinkling verses while an irresistible hip-swaying beat ensues. Speaking on the track, she explains, “M.I.A is about feeling free and comfortable in your skin. It’s a peek into my world – the duality of knowing the energy you bring to the world but also being confident in riding solo.”

LAUFEY – “Everything I Know About Love”

Since being featured in our Spring 22 issue, we have been watching LAUFEY cascade across the pop industry with her candid likeability and infectious groove. And offering as another sample of her unique sound, she releases “Everything I Know About Love” — a deliciously pessimistic track that tackles the struggles of dating in a digital age. In her own words, the artist explains, ”This song is about all the magical things that I was told love was like but I’ve never gotten to experience. I’ve tried many times but fail every time. Turns out, I don’t know anything about love! The intro composed by Bach is played by myself on cello, and my mother and sister on violin.”

Renao – “Flares”

Hacked from his hotly dropped EP “From The South”, the rhythmic and charming “Flares” is giving us all the feel-good qualities of a classic summer anthem. Blending bedroom pop sensibilities with his sugar-sweet vocals, “Flares” offers just the right dosage of sunny positivity to charge into the coming weekend.

Ben Marc – “First Batch”

Finally, ending our Wonderlist with a little bit of live-action, we have Ben Marc’s “First Batch”. Moody, sexy and hypnotic, the track lends a spotlight to Ben’s distinctive production and biting bars — toeing the line between rap and jazz music. With kaleidoscopic synthesizers piquing our interest in between each chorus, the track emanates a spell-binding quality — leaving listeners transfixed on Ben’s every word.