The Australian five-piece let us into their trippy world once more with their 5th studio album.

Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers

While the working week is set to be a tad shorter than most, it is fair to say that we are still in desperate need of some relaxation this humpday as we all attempt to struggle towards the weekend. Well, Sticky Fingers is here to assist us with this.

After a forever-mounting anticipatory buzz engulfing the Australian five-piece’s upcoming project and a stellar introduction to the album being presented in the form of its hotly-received lead single “We Can Make The World Glow”, we have finally been treated to the gift that is LEKKERBOY. Standing as the fifth studio release from the celebrated collective, the band has looked to build on their serene, reggae-tinged sound and give it a new face once more. Still promising to provide those mellow, familiar sensations that the guys have been serving us up ever since their beginnings with hits “Australia Street” and “How To Fly”, they have built this up to be their most ambitious project to date as 13 brand new tracks fill it out, all of which were dreamed up over the course of the pandemic. Diverse in every sense, the syrupy-sounding vocals of the band are manipulated to present themselves as both soft and tortured depending on which track you are diving into, a divine feature that is built upon when their signature bouncy production brings a chaos that harmoniously clashes with laid back and acoustic cuts.

When discussing the new release, Sticky Finger’s Beaker explains, “Even when the world stops our story keeps unravelling and we’re good at capturing that story. LEKKERBOY is open to your own interpretation and the poetry is left for the taking. But for me this album is raw and already feels nostalgic – It’s fucking big and full of heart.”

Set to be an album that situates itself at the top of your music rotation this week and one filled with tracks headed straight towards your summer playlists, Sticky Fingers’ LEKKERBOY is a thing of pure joy.

Head below to listen to LEKKERBOY…