The Manchester-based rising star unveils her latest track and chats with Wonderland about her journey into music.

Just in time for today’s spell of sunrays, Akemi Fox drops her latest effort, “See You Soon” — a flirtatious track that serves its listeners a honey-suckled sip of summer. Depicting a refreshingly positive love story, Akemi reminisces the tingling feeling that defines fresh romance under a chorus of acoustic guitar arrangements and triumphant vocal harmonies. In tow with its sparkling synths and hip-swaying melody, “See You Soon” is the type of track that deserves to be played on full blast at a party — crisp glass of wine in hand under a sun-soaked sky.

On the meaning of the track, Akemi explains, “For me, ‘See You Soon’ is a cute summer song about love. It’s a song about confessing your love to someone and wanting to see them soon to reconnect to relive all the special moments you feel when with them. The song is described as though being in the sun during summer and makes anyone listening want to bathe in that warm feeling of being in love. It’s a light-hearted song with a catchy rhythm with the message being that you want to see your loved one soon”.

To celebrate the release, we spoke with Akemi about her journey into music, her hometown, and her experience with making the track. To stream “See You Soon” and for the full interview, head below now…

Hey Akemi, how are you? How has this past year been for you?
Hey! I’m really well thanks. It’s been fun, quite busy but I’m finding my way. Last year I finished university so it’s weird being free from education but I’m loving it, I can be creative whenever I want to!

Looking back on the pandemic, what was one thing you learned about yourself?
I don’t need to do something every second of the day as much as I would love to. I really enjoy being busy and I guess it gave me time to stop. I also learned that I can still find inspiration in very little.

And did the pandemic affect your creativity?
At first, I found it hard lyrically to come up with things to write about because we obviously weren’t doing much. But I adapted and started reflecting back on life and reading and that gave me some good inspiration. Also working in a studio was a bit different for my first EP, it was all recorded in a home studio so that was ok. But as I worked with some other producers we were using zoom for sessions, which was very strange but it shows you can really make a song from anywhere.

How did you first get into music? What sparked the interest?
I enjoyed singing when I was young, often singing out of tune to my Mum and Dad. In high school, I found a love for songwriting. I even wrote some songs for my friends for their music class. I just found it so interesting and I felt it came naturally to me, like I was supposed to do this. I was always so shy to sing in public and I had no idea of how to make a song and even that you needed a producer. When I got 17 I tried making a few songs but nothing felt right until I met my long time producer Teo, the music was just everything I’d imagined I’d make. Then I started releasing through Soundcloud and then onto Spotify and it felt like I had to try and do this!

Being from Manchester, do you think your hometown impacted your sound in any way?
Yes, I think so. I think in Manchester there are a lot of artists that have jazzy, soulful tone which I definitely take inspiration from. I think that there is a unique sound coming from Manchester, I can’t even describe it but when you come to see a show you just get the vibe.

And now you have dropped your new single “See You Soon”, talk us through your inspiration?
I was just longing for the summer and wanted to create a song that made you feel all warm. This song is about missing someone, maybe a crush, and wanting to see them again. But I was even thinking of friends that I haven’t seen in a while and that I miss and that I want to hang out with them. I thought it might make someone go, text someone, they miss (as long as they’re not a horrible ex or something don’t text them).

And the vibe is very fitting as summer is around the corner. It’s about love and reconnecting, do you find it easy to open up about your emotions in your music?
I feel like I use writing as therapy, sometimes I don’t even know what’s on my mind until I get it onto paper. I write about true feelings but sometimes I alter them, kind of make them into poems, so everyone can interpret it in their own way. However, my main focus is love and feelings because we do all experience that.

What do you hope people take away from your sound?
I would love to make someone feel inspired and happy. When I think of some of my favourite artists or albums, they just give me so much joy and without them, I probably wouldn’t be making music today. If I can inspire just one person I’d be very happy!

Who would you say inspires you?
Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu are some big inspirations for me, lyrically they are amazing and their voices are out of this world. Frank Ocean’s first album ‘Channel Orange’ is a big inspiration for me. It’s the first album I had bought on iTunes, it has such nostalgia for me. I love the 90s and 2000s R & B. It reminds me of watching music channels all day. I love Hiatus Kaiyote, Daughter, Anderson Paak, Jordan Rakei, and lots and lots more!

You’re soon to be heading out with Children of Zeus and KSR, what can we expect from your shows?
Some new tunes for sure. I need to see how the crowd reacts to them. I really love playing live shows so I’m excited to get back at it! Also lovely to be alongside some great Manchester artists representing the north.

What’s next for you? What are you most excited for?
I’m working on my next project, I’m excited this one is happier than the last, and hopefully my own show at some point this year *fingers crossed*.


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