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IG: @jeshi__

IG: @jeshi__

Mysie – “fade”

Kicking off this week’s Wonderlist with sultry vocals and melancholic melodies, Mysie drops her latest effort, “fade” along with a soothing visual. In a stripped-back production, the single’s delicate notes and gentle synths usher in a feeling of tranquillity, while a pang of sadness tears through its chorus. “I’m questioning the meaning of love” explains Mysie, “‘fade’ is about the beginning of the end of my relationship and I was really in the thick of it at the time”.

Jeshi ft Obongjayar – “Protein”

Picking up the pace, Jeshi brings some much-needed energy in his collaborative tune with Obongjayar, “Protein”. Offering a shining narrative on the key to letting go of stress, the track provides us with a guide to feeling untouchable. Rhythmic, soulful and packed full of hard-hitting production, Jeshi squeezes every last drop of his lyrical prowess and smooth flow into the track and leaves it out to dry.

Santino Le Saint – “Paranoia”

Providing some anthemic tunes to those of us in a sticky situationship, Santino Le Saint gifts us with “Paranoia” — a vibey track hacked from the deluxe edition of his debut album, Beautiful Disaster. Brimming with soul-baring vocals, head-bopping beats and sensual instrumentals, Santino dissects the toxic thoughts that run through our heads when love puts us in an all-consuming chokehold.

Rasharn Powell and Ojerime – “Play 2”

Offering a treat for the eyes and ears, Rasharn Powell and Ojerime keep R&B fanatics well and truly fed with their spellbinding new single, “Play 2”. Building a dreamy soundscape from the off, the track blends ear-worming beats with smooth-toned vocals to transport its listeners to a state of bliss serenity. Calling upon the angelic lyrical prowess of Ojerime, the pair prove they are a match made in lo-fi heaven. Speaking of the visual, the pair explains, “This video lifts us out of this world in a similar way the song does. It’s kinda extraterrestrial. The natural shape of the boulders seems similar to Play 2’s artwork, mirroring the contouring of our bodies. It adds a different view to the sensuality of the song plus I’ve always wanted a video in the desert!”

Ingrid Andress – “Good Person”

Offering a spell of ethereal lightness, Ingrid Andress drops her sultry new single, “Good Person”. With a melody that balances between waking and dreaming, the track descends into a lyrical stream of consciousness, where Ingrid reflects on herself as a person — offering a listen which is as cathartic as it is satisfying. Speaking of her new track, Ingrid explains, “I wrote ’Good Person’ when I realized that I was starting to question a lot of things. What makes somebody good and what does that look like, and in a world of being so judgmental of other people, what makes you better than them? With the video, I really wanted to mesh these worlds of light and dark and highlight the parallels between the two. Stay tuned fam. This is just the beginning.”