Prepare to fall helplessly into your feels at the hands of the Doncaster-based artists new release.


While many are currently in states of euphoria thanks to the warm glow descending on London, it is fair to say that some of us are in the throes of heartbreak and currently in our feels, regardless of the sunny weather. Well, if this is you, we have just the tune to accompany you through the bank holiday. Dropping “One Night”, Doncaster-based artist ADMT takes us on a tour through his personal experience with the torture of missing someone as bold lyricism promises to captivate. Delivered by what can best be described as the artist’s husky-meets-angelic vocal tone which is drenched in pure emotion and accompanied by the sweet twang of the acoustic guitar, the track becomes one of pure pop perfection.

“I wrote this song when I missed someone a whole lot,” explains the artist when discussing the core theme of the track. “It seemed like all I wanted was one more night with that person, so I could feel all the feelings of when we were together. I thought that it would fix how empty I felt. It took a long time to realise that the solution had to come from within and it wasn’t about getting more time with that person.”

Now, it is a well known fact that music always sounds better live. With this in mind, ADMT is also treating us to a music video complete with a sweet rendition of “One Night”. Taking to a derelict car park-esque setting, the artist lends his enchanting vocals to a live performance of his newest release, elevating it to the status of one of our favourites to drop this week.

Head below to listen to “One Night”…