The five-member band speak with us about their latest track and what is next in store for them.

Girls of the Internet
Girls of the Internet

Dropping us into a steady groove that will carry us from the day into the night, Girls of the Internet squeeze every last drop of their tangible charisma and disco-fevered flair into their new track, “In Love Again / Baby”. Staying true to their unique and infectious sound, the tune draws inspiration from disco, techno and dub — catering to every mood while climbing to the top of electronic music ranks. Over an ethereal melody, a new interest is piqued at every bar thanks to the bouncing beats and layered production. Singing in falsetto, their husky vocals carry a silky undertone, transporting you into a dreamlike trance in which the mundanity of reality melts away.

On the track, band member TK explains, “The bassline and riff for In Love Again just appeared out of nowhere when I was watching Star Trek Discovery, which weirdly has been a big inspiration to our music. I ran to the studio to record them, and the melody and lyrics just seemed to happen. Baby is a bit of playful lampooning of Daft Punk, and a million other people who have used the talkbox. There seems to be a running thread of lyrics and subject matter in tracks with the talk box; they are all sentimental love songs with obvious rhyme schemes. I don’t know if that was pre-agreed with the inventor or the talk box, but I just wanted to gently mock it.”

Maintaining a reputation as ever-evolving and genre-bending musicians, Girls of the Internet have not lost a single drop of their charm since the release of their universally acclaimed LP Girls FM. To celebrate the release of their new effort, we sat with the band to discuss their music, their relationship and their recent developments within the world of NFT’s.

To stream the track, find the buy link and for the full interview, head below now…

Hi guys, how are you doing? Where are we speaking to you from right now?
I’m sitting in the studio writing some music for the next album.

First of all, where did the inspiration for your group’s name come from?
We’re named after the Roy Ayers-produced band Eighties Ladies, and their album Ladies of the 80’s. That project always resonated with me, because it was a group of incredible women who didn’t quite get the break they deserved. They all featured on various disco and dance tracks, but none of them had the kind of breakout success they deserved. To me, Eighties Ladies were this supergroup from an alternative dimension somewhere.

You guys are based in London, which is a cultural hub of sorts! Do you think London has influenced your sound?
We’re not all actually based in London – we’re scattered all over the country, but we usually get together in London as it’s pretty central for everybody. We are actually from Brighton, the Midlands, and East Anglia, as well as London.

Let’s talk “In Love Again/ Baby”! Judging by the title, the project is very much focused on romance! Have you looked to your own experiences with romance to inform the lyrics of the tracks?
Neither of the tracks are really about romance. ‘In Love Again’ is about letting go of regrets and grabbing hold of opportunities. ‘Baby’ is actually a pastiche of lots of talkbox-led love songs I’ve listened to for years. Personally, I’m currently very single, so if anybody out there is interested, please let me know. I’m desperately lonely.

The tracks are also infused with disco! Did you listen to much disco music when creating them?
‘Baby’ definitely has some disco elements. I was also listening to lots of 70’s pop and easy listening when I made it. I love disco, and I listen to so much of it, but as I always say, we are a house band, not a disco band. ‘Baby’ is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a throwback track.

You guys blew up with Girls FM! How has your sound evolved since this release in 2020?
That’s hard to say for me. I try not to assess our sound or think about our direction – I just let things develop organically. I hope we have gotten better. Having said that, I am consciously making music that’s a bit more housey right now.

You guys are also selling NFTs of Baby, meaning that the buyer receives a percentage of the single sales once purchased! What lead you to the world of NFTs and why did you think that was the right move for you creatively?
Yeah we have some NFT’s ready to go, we are having some issues with the platform we’re working with though, annoyingly, so we have had a bit of a delay in putting them up. NFT’s are just another digital medium as far as I’m concerned. The music industry was sent into its first recession when it didn’t react quick enough to the digital files, so it’s silly not to be open to new mediums.

Aside from your new releases, what is next for you in 2022? 
Touring! We have loads of shows lined up, and we’re really excited to get out there and play some music over the summer. We have also just signed to Classic, so we’re writing and recording lots of stuff for that.

The LP and single is available to purchase by clicking here.


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