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slow horses
slow horses

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes

While the rumours surrounding the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic starring Ana De Armas have been all the rage, Netflix was not far behind with their own hidden gem — The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes. Featuring never seen before footage and recordings of her angelic yet mysterious vocals, the documentary turns sinister as it dissects the unscrutinised details of the icon’s death. Uncovering the truth behind the visionary’s not-so-private life, true-crime cravers can consider themselves fed — with the effort available to stream from April 27th.

Hold Tight

Packing intensity, delusion and deceit, the trailer for Hold Tight wastes no time dropping you into the middle of the action — involving a group of locals searching for a missing teenager named Adam. As the visual eerily announces the picture is based on a true story, the images plummet into a pulse-raising montage where a seemingly innocent neighbourhood descends into chaos. As the search for Adam comes to a head, his parents find answers that they would never have chosen to ask.


Let’s be real, whenever A24 has a project at hand, you can only expect the unexpected. So when they dropped a first look at Men, we were already on the edge of our seats. As a sinister story begins to unfold, the trailer is interspersed with unsettling images which create a sense of disorientation amongst its viewers. Haunted by an unknown entity, a woman desperately attempts to seek resolution — a wish that even the church will not grant her. While the plot appears to be well hidden beneath the two-minute clip, we are guaranteed a white-knuckle ride of shocking scenes, plot twists and hair-raising terror.

Slow Horses

Beginning with a watch-at-your-own-risk disclaimer, it would appear Slow Horses is by no means meant for the faint-hearted. And with the teaser trailer spanning over 20 minutes, it would appear the plot is far from easy to decipher. Following a team of British intelligence agents who form a group of MI5 rejects, the Slow Horses are mordant, a little silly and toe-curlingly violent. Based on Mick Herron’s Slough House novels, the spy thriller grips its viewers from the get-go. Featuring a star-studded cast including Gary Oldman and Olivia Cooke, it would appear every misfit is desperate for redemption following the derailing of their picture-perfect careers.

The Flight Attendant season two

When we left Cassie Bowden at the end of season one of The Flight Attendant, we finally got to witness her kicking her alcohol addiction in hopes to gain clarity and sanity in her life. Yet considering her habit to hook up with soon-to-be-murdered bachelors, it would appear the protagonist cannot escape the chaos for too long. Now taking up a career as an asset to the CIA, The Flight Attendant goes spy-esque as Cassie is forced to witness yet another murder — becoming entangled in suspicion all over again.

Outer Range

Following the screening of A24’s X, it would appear the general public has developed a sizeable appetite for Western thrillers. Premiering on April 15th, Outer Range surrounds Royal Abbott, a rancher who finds himself bargaining for his land. With an eery element of paranormal activity lacing the background, the clip displays the turmoil that follows the appearance of a black hole on the farm. Coming to Amazon Prime Video in one bingeable drop, we are officially clearing our calendars for next weekend.


Catapulting us back to the punk era of the Sex Pistols, Hulu drop the trailer for their brand new series, PISTOL with one work at its forefront: Destroy. Offering a grainy looking glass into the rock and roll revolution of the 70s. Following the life of the band’s founder and guitarist Steve Jones, PISTOL is a dynamic reliving of the most biting remnants of history that changed the culture of music and society forever.


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