The singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist unveils her introspective new track and lyric video.

Photography by Shervin Lainez

Photography by Shervin Lainez

There is nothing like a Tuesday morning to spark a much-needed session of self-contemplation — something which is provided by the bucket load in Lila Dupont’s sparkling effort, “Realize It All”. Opening with a warm ballad of guitar strings, the melody traces melancholic undertones as Lila’s delicate vocals ponder the meaning of life. As the track washes over a moving visual, we see clips of the artist alone at a seaside with only her guitar for company — highlighting how Lila has found herself within her music. Interspersed with candid videos of her childhood, “Realize It All” calls into question the importance of having stringent goals while growing up. Finally, she allows herself to fall away from these self-inflicted expectations — giving her the freedom to discover her true calling, whatever it may be.

“‘Realize It All’ is about wanting to look like everything’s all right, even though you’re really struggling inwardly. It’s about how you don’t have to let yourself get to your lowest point for anyone to care – you can just let it all out. I wrote “Realize It All” in a rental house during the start of quarantine when everything in my life was filled with uncertainty except for the empty room down the hall with amazing acoustics. The musicians involved include drummer JT Bates, bassist Mike Lewis, and guitarist Eli Menezes.”

Dissecting difficult topics such as mental health, loneliness and emotional turmoil, it would appear that the 18-year-old artist is not afraid to tackle the complex issues of an adult psyche — making her a matured artist from the off. With an admirable openness and tenacity to create relatable art, Lila proves herself a force to be reckoned with in the coming year.

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Photography by Shervin Lainez