The independent artist unveils the emotionally-charged music video for her brand new track.

baker grace
baker grace

Marking a rather sombre start to this new music Friday, Baker Grace creates a calm pool filled with a warm piano ballad and ethereal vocals — and invites us to sink right into it. Titled “Shake The Earth”, Baker’s latest release delves into the complexities of a relationship that can tear a person apart. Enforcing this concept in her haunting music video, Baker appears to be split in two, as she sits still at her piano while another version of her engages in intimate contemporary choreography with Diego Pasillas, winner of NBC’s World of Dance Season 4. While an emotionally-charged symphony washes over the chorus, the dancers constantly battle each other in their movements — exploring the natural ebb and flow of real-life relationships. As “Shake The Earth” begins to fade, the man is gone, and Baker Grace becomes whole again — taking the track to a complete full circle.

In her own words, Baker Grace explains, “In a social media-driven world, where following trends and being victim to technology is rewarded, I wanted to be as real and raw as possible. I wanted to make art I was proud of and tell my story. I challenged myself to both produce the song and dance in the video because I really wanted to see my vision come to life. I hope this song reminds you to recognize all the beauty that lives inside you and that no amount of fame, admiration, or clout is worth losing yourself.”

Having established herself as an independent artist with an impenetrable vision, Baker Grace promises to be a musician of authenticity — and is looking towards new projects to prove just that. To stream “Shake The Earth” now, scroll below…