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Choose or Die

If Black Mirror and Saw had a lovechild, it would birth a plot line akin to Netflix’s upcoming thriller Choose or Die. As the trailer opens with an eery and ominous game introduction, the audience learn they are witnessing a game — in which the players have been deemed worthy of a twisted challenge. Placed at the forefront of impossible and life-threatening decisions, the players are given two choices. Though seemingly innocent and easy on the surface, we soon learn that the answers can be interpreted in terrifying and gruesome ways. Starring Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, the feature promises to be packed with a terror and intensity that proves uncomfortable to watch yet impossible to look away.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

Serving us Wife Swap on steroids, the hosts of Love Is Blind return to Netflix to gift us with The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Though heavily implied by its title, the series will follow a collective of couples where one has issued the other an ultimatum. Forced to enter a trial marriage with someone who is not their partner, the participants must decide whether they want to marry the person they arrived with, or walk away forever. Given the gaping hole the end of Love Is Blind season two has left behind, we’ll be looking towards The Ultimatum to get our dating disaster fix.

Ozark season four part two

It’s been five years of suspense, mystery and deception, but the trailer for the final season of Ozark has finally arrived. Premiering on April 29th, the episodes will pick up right from where its predecessor left off — and Ruth is officially out for blood. Bidding an explosive farewell to the money-laundering Byrdes family, the two minute teaser hints at some unfortunate ends for Marty and Wendy, while the outcome of Ruth’s rampage could be anyones guess. As the trailer leaves us with a pounding chest and sweaty palms, we are readying ourselves for a white-knuckle binging session as soon as the episodes drop.


Temporarily stepping out of the cast of Riverdale, Cole Sprouse ventures to Mars alongside To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star Lana Condor. With what appears to be the beginnings of a typical meet-cute, the trailer watches the pair get to know each others clashing mindsets. Sophie, who is in a committed relationship and must plan and organise every aspect of her life, builds a gradual friendship with single Walt, a spontaneous individual who prefers to live in the moment. Sneaking onto a spacecraft – in which Sophie is a passenger – Walt grows closer to the inaccessible woman, and encourages her to let go of things beyond her control while on a trip to Mars. Radiating the warm and comforting vibes of a Disney picture, Moonshot is exactlly what we need to melt away the unnecessary stresses of everyday life.


Whenever we are streaming a Disney classic, it is incredible easy to forget that behind every frame of an animation is a human hand — sketching every inch of the motion picture. Bringing the artists to the forefront, Disney Plus unveil their exciting new effort: Sketchbook. Following six Disney artists who brought the likes of Olaf, Mirabel and The Emperor’s New Groove to life, the docuseries offers a glimpse into the process of passion, failure and triumph that runs behind the sketches of Disney.

The Staircase

The only thing better than a crime drama series, is one based on a true story — and in tow with plenty of ambiguous plot lines, trust issues and unexpected twists, HBO Max’s The Staircase offers both. Debuting a scarily accurate American accent, Colin Firth steps into the blood-spattered shoes of Michael Peterson, a novelist who was convicted of murdering his wife in 2003 after she was found unconscious at the bottom of a staircase. While his innocence is called into question, audiences are taken through the events which led to Michael’s demise — and are left with questions they never even knew they had.

Shining Girls

Let’s just say that whenever we hear Elisabeth Moss is staring in a new feature, we have already given away our card details for a ticket before we’ve even watched the trailer. In Apple TV+’s latest thriller Shining Girls, Moss stars as Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago reporter who survived a brutal assault on a mission to track down her attacker. But as her grips on reality begin to dissipate, and as she discovers that recent murders mirror her own experience, she subsequently allows her mystery assailant to remain one step ahead of her.


With a succession of short films which can only be described as a fever dream, Roar delivers eight stories in one – with each proving as mentally disturbing and confusing as the other. From a woman who must spend every day sitting on top of a shelf, to Nicole Kidman feasting on a book of photographs, Roar features a plethora of critically-acclaimed actors in a visual anthology of female-powered social commentary.

Under the Banner of Heaven

There was only one way to end our trailer roundup, and it has to be the chest-pounding crime-drama Under the Banner of Heaven. As if Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones weren’t already doing the most, the pair star in a plot of mystery and murder, in which a detective must trace down the killer of a mormon mother and her 15-year-old daughter. Stepping into character of the mormon detective, Garfield portrays a man whose fundamental faith quivers in the face of evil, and leads us down a road of religious extremism, deceit and toe-curling revelations.


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