Latto, Jeshi and Enny feature in this week’s collaboration-heavy playlist roundup.


IG: @latto777

IG: @latto777

J.I. – “I Ain’t Gon Lie”

There is nothing we love more than watching a day-in-the-life, so we knew we had to kick off our Wonderlist with the vlog-like music video for J.I.’s brand new single, “I Ain’t Gon Lie”. Underpinned by quaking drums and shimmering synths, the track is a celebration of the Brooklyn-based rapper’s life in the city spent with his day-ones. With a visual as enigmatic and playful as the artist, we can’t get enough of J.I.’s softer side.

yuné pinku – “DC rot”

One artist who wastes no time dropping us into a heavy danceable beat is yuné pinku. Keeping up appearances, the genre-blending artist unveils her latest effort “DC rot” — hacked from her upcoming debut EP, “Bluff”. With the track acting as an ode to UK rave culture, a spaced-out soundscape ensues, filled with mind-melting breakbeats and buttery smooth vocals. On the meaning of the track, yuné says, “‘DC rot’ is an exploration of a year and all the things you do in one. Whether it’s coming out of hibernation and getting older, experiencing in excess whether that be negative or positive. Putting yourself out there and sometimes getting hurt, but just going on a pilgrimage of all the things you can & can’t do”.

BOJ feat. Enny – “Culture”

If a rave isn’t your scene, BOJ and Enny’s recent collab on “Culture” might be better suited for your party playlist. Charged with an addictive blend of R&B and afrobeats, the rhythmic melody gets hips swaying and arms raised from the off. Seductive and satisfying all the way through, BOJ explains, “Both Enny & I are Nigerian, and on this track we decided we would talk about our culture & the many known traditions it has.”

Seeva – “Gemini Moon”

Releasing a song that commands the aux-lead privileges of a windows-down road trip, Seeva gifts us with “Gemini Moon” along with a touching music video. While blind-folded, the artist lends his raw and vulnerable vocals to a story of insecurity and doubt, in which Seeva must decide whether to let go of the toxicity in his life, or continue to seek validation from others. In his own words, Seeva explains, “I wrote this song with the ambition of having my own ‘torches in the air’ moment. I wrote it after having a revelation about a relationship that I was clinging on to, and much like my last single, it talks about the desperation I felt when I knew things were going to end.”

Jeshi feat. Kelvin Krash – “Electric”

True to its namesake, Jeshi and Kelvin Krash pour every ounce of their wit and tenacity into their high-energy track, “Electric”. Packing intensity and heat, Jeshi walks over the hard-hitting beat with his punching bars — proving that when it comes to tune-crafting, no style is off limits. Seamlessly merging their sounds, we sincerely hope this is not the last time we see the pair collaborate.

Budjerah – “What Should I Do?”

We’ve all had those nights where our mates are craving the sesh and all we want to do is Netflix and chill by ourselves — a dilemma which Budjerah faces in his sparkly new single, “What Should I Do?” In tow with his rich vocals, Budjerah laments themes of alienation and loneliness under an irresistibly catching melody. On the inspiration behind the track, Budjerah says, “I noticed that my friends weren’t really texting me or calling me; they had sort of pushed me to the side. I was real sad because I didn’t have any friends, and didn’t know what to do.”

Fireboy DML – “Playboy”

Marking his first solo release of the year, Fireboy certainly did not come to play as he unveils his ironically named track, “Playboy”. With an ecstasy-laced sound melting into an infectious tempo, “Playboy” is the perfect dosage of feel-good to get us dancing into the weekend. Carving a lane all of his own in the world of afrobeats, Fireboy shows once again he is a force to be reckoned with.

Latto feat Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino – “Sunshine”

Ending our Wonderlist with one of our favourite and most unexpected collaborations of the year so far, Latto drops the mesmerising “Sunshine”. Drafting in the efforts of Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino, Latto prays for her enemies on a stage of enigmatic beats and razor sharp production. Showing off her lyrical prowess, “Sunshine” marks an exciting new era for the Atlanta rapper, and we will be playing her new album 777 on loop for the foreseeable.