From dog translators to Doja Cat’s jingle, we round-up the TikToks we’ve had playing on loop.

Doja Cat
Doja Cat

We are sorry to remind you, but it’s only Tuesday. And though the week is really dragging its heels, we have found a little slice of serenity from one of our favourite apps. So for a hefty dosage of belly laughing, stick-it-to-your-ex tips and an existential crisis, scroll below to see our favourite TikToks of the week…

Maybe there’s a reason humans can’t speak to dogs…


What did he say back

original sound – Patrick Barnes

That time Doja Cat forgot she’s *contractually* famous


somebody gettin cussed out

original sound – Doja Cat

Moments later…


original sound – Doja Cat

Grapefruit is really out here exposing us

@emusaccount every time #pomegranate #grapefruit #workcrush #fyp original sound – Max Fosh

Oh my god that’s terrible… *takes notes*


i have so many of these

Crazy – Patsy Cline

The maths is playing


I have questions..

Reading Rainbow Theme Song – Reading Rainbow

Panic! At The Metro

@jonothonlyons Could this be more chaotic? YES or NO? #buddytherat #doyourthing #cosplay #newyork #beggin #fyp Beggin' – Måneskin