Meet the independent pop artist rising to stardom.

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson

After breaking through with a major record label at the age of 16, Anna has since gone her own way to follow her calling as an independent artist. And her new single “Gone (Love Letters)” is bound to tug on some heartstrings.

Anna speaks on the song being a huge transitional piece for her, as she explains, “When I was writing ‘Gone’, I thought it was merely hypothetical. It took me a few days to realise it was a reflection of my unhappiness in my relationship.” This is what makes the heartfelt track relatable yet uplifting, a comfort to those who hold the same feelings about their relationships, the chorus ignited by intermittent piano chords combined with powerful vocals – which makes you want to belt it out with her!

Since Anna’s debut in 2020, she has already garnered millions of streams across all platforms as well as an ever-growing following on both Instagram and Spotify. Using music as an outlet, the singer revels in a raw, pop-infused sound that will no doubt capture the attention of many more very soon.

Check out the release below…