Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray set the tone in this week’s music round-up.

Nicki minaj coi leray
Nicki minaj coi leray

TCTS x Punctual x Raphaella – “Love Me Or Lie”

Exploding onto this week’s Wonderlist is the triple threat of TCTS, Punctual and Raphaella and their fiesta-fit track, “Love Me Or Lie”. Equipped with a toe-tapping top line, a dance-pop aesthetic and an infectiously danceable beat, the track acts as the ultimate appetiser for a sun-soaked summer. On the track, TCTS explains,“I’m so hyped to get this one out there. I’ve been a big fan of both Punctual and Raphaella for ages, and feel like we’ve made something special together here. It’s uplifting and euphoric, but can still bang on a club system.”

Imen Siar – “Lonely People”

Offering a slightly more introspective listen, Imen Siar breathes her angelic vocals into the melancholic melody of “Lonely People”. The track was released alongside a visual which takes us through the mundanity of a café shift. When a power cut occurs, the silence lends a stage to Imen’s breathtaking sound — and in turn reminds us of the power of creating real connections. “‘Lonely People’ touched me the first moment I heard it. Probably the only thing more contagious than Covid right now is isolation and loneliness, so the idea of ending loneliness spoke to me,” says the artist.

Shaé Universe ft. ENNY – “Sit Back”

Yesterday may well have been a normal Thursday to most, but for us it was the day that Shaé Universe and ENNY released their rich and soulful collaboration, “Sit Back”. With sultry harmonies, ear-worming beats and verses of playful exchanges, the track injected us with all the feel-good energy we could need to dance into the weekend. Hacked from Shaé’s upcoming EP, ENNY explains, “As soon as I was sent the track I knew I had to be on it. Shaé is doing something special.”

Mysie – “Birthstones”

Along with the pandemic came an incessant fear of the unknown: something which threatened Mysie’s relationship with her significant other. Over a warm, ballad-like piano track, Mysie draws inspiration from these tough times to create the comforting single, “Birthstones”. “It’s about a period of time in lockdown when my relationship was going through a lot of pressure,” explains Mysie, “due to the uncertainty of what was going to happen to our lives. In this song I’m really saying, I will fight for you and be here for you”.

Cero Ismael – “DAVE BUDHA”

Instantly getting us in the mood for a roofless road trip, Cero Ismael employs island beats and charming lyricism in the infectious track, “Dave Budha”. Exploring themes of love, fear, anger, loneliness, self-love and acceptance, Cero gently sways his listeners into a state of pure zen, sweeping away from harsh realities into his steady melody. In his own words, Cero says, “‘DAVE BUDHA’ is about the change of scenery and trying to not lose yourself in the chaos. Staying true to yourself can sometimes be difficult, when everything around you is changing.”

Oxlade – “Want You”

Just as the sun finally makes its first appearance of the year, Oxlade drops the ultimate sea-side anthem, “Want You”. Sampling his unique blend of Afrobeats with R&B, the Lagos-native infuses the track with an infectious melody that commands arm-raising appreciation. If there was one track you needed to add to your summer playlists, this track is the only viable option.

Devon Again – “All My Fault”

It is no secret we get a little too excited whenever we find a new release from Devon Again, and though “All My Fault” is yet another delicious banger, it definitely gives us a hard pill to swallow. Reflecting on the times in which Devon has created her own downfalls, the song and its symphonic synths serve as a reminder that sometimes, it is us who need to change our tune. Devon explains, “I had a super annoying realisation that I was in charge of my own life and most of the hurt I was feeling was no ones fault but my own. Now more than ever I am trying to re-train my brain into treating myself better and doing what I can to not fall back into old patterns.”

KeepVibesNear – “Late Night Link”

Forming a trio we didn’t know we needed, KeepVibesNear collaborates with Harvey Whyte and Luke RV to deliver the gritty “Late Night Link”. Showcasing KeepVibesNear’s prolific range, the track taps into the realms of alt-rap and R&B, demonstrating his unmatched ability to combine personal narratives with playful tunes. On the track, KVN says, “‘Late Night Link’ is a song about that search for a “ride or die” the joy of the chase and the back and forth. Anticipating colliding with a person and the excitement that comes with it. If it’s meeting for the first time of many or just a late-night link, haha. It’s a thrill everyone can relate to when you link someone you are excited about. Something the mandem smile and tell their friends about.”

Raven Lenae – “Light Me Up”

Sensual, hard-hitting and spellbinding in equal parts, “Light Me Up” encapsulates the effortless allure of Raven Lenae’s artistry. While a gentle, slow burning R&B ballad plays in the background, the visual sees the artist suspended in the air as she belts out the track from the depths of her soul. On the meaning behind the track, Raven tells us, “‘Light Me Up’ is about exploring the unknown with a new love; leaning into those tingly feelings while letting your guards down. This song highlights the beauty of allowing someone to truly see through you.”

Coi Leray ft. Nicki Minaj – “Blick Blick!”

Bringing our Wonderlist to a close with a bang, Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj join forces to create the fiery “Blick Blick!” Featuring effortless flow, fierce lyrics and killer punchlines, the track delivers all the unapologetic vibes for a Friday night of fun. Along with an explosive visual, “Blick Blick!” is guaranteed to leave the walls of even the hottest clubs visibly shaking.