Rema, AJ Tracey and Keshi deliver the vibes in this week’s new music round-up.

Eden Rain – “Text Me When You’re Home Safe”

Opening this week’s Wonderlist, Eden Rain delivers an enchanting track with a title that is painfully relatable. Drawing upon the anxieties suffered by women left to be alone in the dark, “Text Me When You’re Home Safe” celebrates the beauty of female companionship, and simultaneously offers a new meaning of the word “home”. Talking of the track, the artist explains, “It’s such a special song to me- we even celebrated it by getting my friend to get the tattoo of a house that is written about in the song. The song really is about sisterhood and keeping each other safe and that if you can’t figure out where physically feels like home, sometimes you find people that do.”

Abisha – “Home To You”

Carrying the torch for the LGBTQIA+ community, Abisha gifts us with a track that is as infectious as it is uplifting alongside a heart-warming music video. Over a triumphant melody full of sparkly synths, “Home To You” explores the pure elation of finding a person who feels like home — where you are entirely loved and accepted. As she continues to shatter the glass boundaries laid before her, Abisha celebrates her success as a bi-racial queer artist — solidifying herself as one to watch for 2022.

Keshi – “GET IT”

Switching up the tone, Keshi packs a punch in the nail-biting track, “GET IT”. With a base that vibrates straight through the ribcage, “GET IT” marks an unexpected change in sound for the artist, whilst retaining the addictive elements of his flawless production and flow. Having proved that there is no avenue off limits to his artistry, speculation around Keshi’s debut album has significantly mounted. Thankfully, however, Keshi has announced that the wait won’t be too long — as GABRIEL is scheduled for release March 25th.

Greentea Peng – “Your Mind”

Bathing us in a symphonic sound bath, Greentea Peng releases “Your Mind” — an intimate exploration of the artist’s battles with mental health. Through her creamy spoken vocal style, the genre-blending artist reflects on the broken fragments of her inner self. But over a chorus of orchestral strings, the artist’s fighting spirit takes over as she assures that “I’m here to stay”. The release of the single comes hand-in-hand with a “Be Kind To Your Mind” t-shirt and A3 print, from which all proceeds will be donated to YoungMinds.

Denis Coleman – “Healing The Process”

In a music video that is almost a short-film in itself, Denis Coleman stoops into insanity for his latest track, “Healing The Process”. Interspersed with clips of the artist in therapy with himself, he laments the dangers of trying to appear perfect online over gritty guitar instrumentals. “I wrote this song about getting fed up with micro-dosing dopamine on social media to improve my mental health and wanting to find a more healthy way to think,” Denis explains, “It’s a conflicting song, partially encouraging the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and partially just resigned to the fact that social media is an inescapable part of life and identity.”

Rema ft AJ Tracey – “FYN”

Coming at us with all the energy we could possibly need to charge into the weekend, Rema collaborates with AJ Tracey to deliver “FYN”. Accompanied by a dynamic visual, the pair let go of all inhibitions in a sun-soaked mansion while rapping about the finer things in life. In tow with a twinkling melody and hip-swaying afro-beats, “FYN” has us all craving a taste of the high life.

Finn Foxell – “Be Me”