The multi-faceted Caribbean artist takes a plunge into the unknown for his story-rich single.

While the world can often feel like a very scary place, Kalpee has learned to take the universe’s challenges as a means to grow — a theme that brings us to his powerful new single, “Jump Off”. Though the track’s lyrics are rich in Kalpee’s emotive storytelling, “Jump Off” goes one step further, inviting listeners into Kalpee’s inner psyche in a chilling music video.

As the visual follows Kalpee as he journeys to the highest point of a cliff, the melody is infused with Kalpee’s distinctive Calypso sound with an edge of darkness. Creating a sound that is at once haunting and relaxing, Kalpee depicts the underlying message of the song — that we must learn to trust the universe, and take leaps of faith even when our instincts tell us not to.

Offering his own interpretation, Kalpee explains, “‘Jump Off’ the video is a visual metaphor for taking that leap into the unknown, the forest souls are a representation of both our greatest fears but also the very thing challenging us to take a leap of faith in ourselves. Sometimes we need help in getting our mindset to a place of acceptance, this like for me can sometimes be a life-changing moment or event, but in jump off its represented by Jalicia Nightingale our leading lady, whose clear ice blue eyes look deep into my soul and bring all my fears to the surface.”

A flawless sample of Kalpee’s blend of reggae and R&B, we will be streaming “Jump Off” every time we need that little boost in faith. To stream now, scroll below…