The Berlin-based artist releases the music video for her new track exclusively with Wonderland.

Alice merton

Photography by Danny Jungslund

Alice merton
Photography by Danny Jungslund

Providing us with an anthem which is as assuring as it is uplifting, Berlin-based musician Alice Merton releases “Same Team” alongside a tension-heavy music video. As a twinkling tune steals focus, Merton’s raw vocals cut through the melody as she battles with her own mind to finally choose what is best for her. While narrating the downsides to being on the “Same Team” with a person who doesn’t know what’s best for you, Alice samples her blend of alt-pop with an electronic explosion of energy — getting our hearts racing in the process.

The dynamic visual depicts this inner battle, with the artist finding herself lost and isolated within her thoughts. On the track itself, Alice explains, “‘Same Team’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I had been going through a lot of personal and work-related conflicts. I felt like I had been pulled into worlds that I didn’t understand, and having conversations with people in which we just didn’t speak the same language. A team goes through ups and downs, but often pulls together to become even stronger — but in some cases it does the exact opposite. I started to question: what do I do if that team makes me doubt myself and the decisions that we make?”

While the track propels us into the addictive soundscape of Alice Merton, she also treats her fans with the announcement of her LP, S.I.D.E.S., due for release June 17th. In the meantime, however, scroll below to stream the brand new track and music video…

What made you choose “Same Team” as the first single to officially announce your forthcoming album? What does it mean to you
I chose Same Team to officially introduce my next album, because it felt like a good bridge between this album and the last. The album surrounds itself around the idea of a partnership between two sides coming to an end, and realizing that sometimes you have no other choice other than to let go. Each song tells a different story, but their origins all lie within the story of Same Team.

S.I.D.E.S. documents your life over the past two years you spent writing it – can you describe the process from conception to finally having the album fully realized? Were there any challenges you encountered along the way?
Each album process is so unique. It felt on the one hand a lot easier this time round, because I knew what to expect and I just enjoyed the process of documenting my emotions. On the other hand it was pretty brutal going through everything whilst being in lockdown, not being able to go home or go anywhere for that matter. I wanted to escape so I let myself escape within the album. I loved every step of it though. I didn’t really feel pressure, I just felt relief for still being able to continue what I love, and having the time during lockdown to fully focus on that.

When thinking about the last two years, were there any experiences/emotions that you endured that were particularly cathartic to write about?
Absolutely. A lot of this album comes from pain and loss and learning to deal with that. Writing this album helped me get to a place where I felt ok again. And that took a while. I would say once I finished the album I started to actually feel like I had closed a big chapter of my life and learned to accept that life is uncontrollable. There will always be suffering, and that’s ok. You will get to the other side, it’s just a matter of time.

How does it feel to finally have a new project to share with your fans? What are you most excited for listeners to hear?
It feels amazing to finally share this next chapter with my fans. I love letting them into my life and I feel like they go through similar experiences. I love watching their reactions and listening to their stories and what they’ve gone through. I think that’s a big part of being human, sharing your thoughts and feeling understood by others. I love doing pre-listening sessions for example because we get to speak directly to each other and talk about our emotions and what the songs mean to them.

How has living in Berlin influenced your new LP, how does it differ from MINT?
I would definitely say this album is darker than MINT. Berlin during lockdown, and in general in winter can be very depressing. It’s cold, there‘s barely any sunlight, and it just feels unwelcoming. I think all that played a role in creating this album. Also I was watching shows like Handmaid’s Tale and Breaking Bad, that also contributed to a very uneasy, panicky feeling in this album.


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