The artist undergoes a personal pursuit for peace and quiet in her touching new single.

meg Mac
meg Mac

Chucking us straight into our feels, Meg Mac has released the ultimate hump-day anthem with “Is It Worth Being Sad About?” Full of self-reflection and growth, the song is both poignant and comforting — and along with the accompanying music video, we are totally addicted. As the track begins with a whispered melody similar to the likes of Billie Eilish, Meg’s powerhouse vocals cut through the atmosphere as her boat streamlines through an open body of water. Lamenting the times she stayed in dark spaces, a triumphant chorus pulls her out of her slump as she reflects on the journey she had to undertake to get to where she is today.

When writing the song, Mac explains, ”I was running away from my troubles. I was living in peace and quiet finally and really thought I’d figured it all out, and it was all smooth sailing ahead. It was the start of sorting out my life. This song was like my first step—I didn’t know it then, though.”

As the artist prepares for two upcoming shows, she spoke with Wonderland about her own personal journey while making the track and the challenges she was able to overcome in the process.

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Hey Meg, how are you, how has this past year been for you?
I’m good! I am in the middle of moving house right now – during Covid I moved to this cute little cottage in the country. so I have had a very peaceful and wholesome year with no social media, no shows or tours living in my own little world out here. But now I have this song coming out and I’m moving back to the city!

What was it like creating music during the pandemic? Was your creativity affected?
I had so much time to myself and I love to be by myself so I really found writing and being creative was much easier. no distractions and nowhere to go. But recording was hard. I’ve been in Australia and my producers (The Donuts) were in LA so everything had to be done online and over WhatsApp calls, lots of going back and forth.

How did you first get into music? What sparked the interest?
I’d say singing got me interested in music and then songwriting got me into being a musician. One of my sisters showed me how to play basic chords on the piano and how she used to make up her own songs and then I was hooked.

And you’re from Sydney, do you think your city impacted your sound in any way?
Yep I’m from Sydney but my family isn’t Australian so I never grew up listening to much Aussie music actually… when I got older I started to discover more music. I’ve kind of lived all over the place too – the first time I started playing with bands was in Perth and then when I first released my own music and touring I was in Melbourne. Now I’m returning back to my hometown

And now you’re dropping your new single, talk us through the production process?
It all started with a voice memo of me and my loop pedal, then a rough demo was sent over to The Donuts. Serg and Tyler sent back ideas for the drums, different beats and sounds for the song and it took a while to find the right feel. I would drive up to Sydney to record the vocals in a studio and after I’d send over to the guys then I would have to go back up and re-sing parts, change things that didn’t work, add new harmonies.. It went back and forth like that for a long time. Right at the end I had an idea for some backing vocals that I recorded in my bedroom – always planned on doing them properly in the studio but never did! Luckily though I did manage to make a trip to LA end of last year, meet the guys in person and finish off the track in real life.

It really focuses on trauma and re-discovery, what was it like tapping into those emotions? Did you face any challenges?
I had totally run away to the country, trying to escape it all. This was the first song I wrote in my new house that I was excited about, finally I felt inspired again. It was like as soon as I asked myself the question “is it worth being sad about?” I realised it wasn’t worth it. Like a change of perspective helped me look forward rather than stay in my mess.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
They can take anything they like from it.

And who inspires you?
Always always changing, but I am going through an Enya phase at the moment!

What are you most excited for? What is next for you?
I have my first show in two years this weekend and I CAN’T WAIT. I’m even excited about going to the airport I miss it so much.

meg Mac
meg Mac

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