We round-up the very best music releases on our favourite day of the week.

Doja and Tyga

IG: @tyga

Doja and Tyga
IG: @tyga

Sukie – “Best Of Luck”

Welcoming us into this Friday’s Wonderlist is Sukie with her new single “Best of Luck”. Hitting stratospheric high-notes over a smooth bass-laden beat, the song already has us daydreaming of window-down car rides through sunny side roads. In a sparkly music video, the artist sucks on a candy cigarette as she lets us into an intimate phone call where she laments her mental health issues and her complicated family dynamic. We’ve all been there, Sukie.

Tiana Major9 – “2 seater”

After the trials and tribulations of a long work week, it usually takes a village to get us belting lyrics from the top of our lungs. Well, that was until Tiana Major9 dropped her latest track, “2 seater” — one which almost broke our speakers while driving down the M25. The sugar-sweet single lends a stage to the artist’s gentle vocals, which are emphasised by the mind-melting choir which echoes in and out of focus. This one had as feeling all of the emotions, and we aren’t mad about it.

Lil Durk – “AHHH HA”

Switching up the tempo, Lil Durk samples his rugged lyricism and prolific output in his brand new single “AHHH HA” — announced alongside the release date of his highly anticipated album 7220, due March 11th. Having already gained status as one of rap’s biggest superstars, the Chicago-based artist pumps his unmatchable energy into a song about the recent loss of loved ones. As a triumphant “AHHH HA” tears through the melody, we are reminded once again of Lil Durk’s ability to turn real-life horrors into head-bopping bangers.

Nessa Barrett – “dying on the inside”

Another artist who doesn’t shy away from their own experiences is Nessa Barrett, who scrutinises her toxic relationship with her mind and body in her new track “dying on the inside”. While creating the track, Nessa explains, “I’ve talked about my borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression, but the one thing that I have been struggling to open up about has been my eating disorder. The first time I heard ‘dying on the inside’, I couldn’t stop crying. It is one of the most honest songs that I’ve ever made.” Under an intense beat, Nessa rises against the beauty standards that almost destroyed her — and gifts us with her newfound freedom and self-confidence.

Jean-Mikhael – “Don’t Come Back”

As if he was heaven-sent, Jean-Mikhael dresses in white to compliment his celestial vocals in his new single, “Don’t Come Back”. In a singing style akin to the likes of Prince, Jean-Mikhael pulls at our heartstrings as he narrates his own journey to finding self-love and acceptance. In his own words, the artist says, “‘Don’t come back’ is really a vow to one’s self to put yourself first. To exercise self-love to not accept less than what you deserve.” We concur, Jean-Mikhael.

Cero Ismael – “Plans For Us”

Just in case you missed it, we bring to you the dream-like escapism of Cero Ismael in his emotive track “Plans For Us”. Lending a symphonic stage for Cero’s raw and vulnerable vocals, the choir-like chorus builds a feeling of togetherness — a theme which is rife between every line of his tender lyrics. “Plans For Us is about me wishing there was something like forever in a relationship”, the artist explains, “Life is all about phases, but I’m having a hard time accepting that feelings, situations and people change”

Berna – “Forty”

Never one to give himself a well-deserved break, Berna is back with a bang — in the shape of his brand new single “Forty”. Travelling across London, the artist loses himself in the tracks bouncy beat as he raps about the difficult journey that led him to where he is today. On the track, Berna says, “Forty is about my everyday struggles – police, money and girls; all while bouncing on a vibrant beat. The video sees me patrolling around my old borough Newham and performing shots on the block as well as transitioning to scenes in Uptown…contrasting both sides to my lifestyle – lavish & luxury, but pain and poverty.”

Louis Dunford – “The Angel”

Baring every ounce of his heart and soul, Louis Dunford releases “The Angel”, in what he describes as “A love letter to my hometown.” Starting with light and airy guitar strings, Louis’s velvety vocals quickly begin to narrate the memories of his childhood. Playing on top of a touching music video, the heartwarming lyricism melts into home-movie clips which capture the everyday charm of North London. The rich single comes as the latest offering of Dunford’s upcoming EP “The Popham”, due March 25th. If the tracks are anything like “The Angel”, we’ll have some tissues ready before listening.

Camelphat – “Silenced”

Getting us armed and ready for the weekend, Camelphat have released “Silenced” – a dreamlike track made for the climax of a night out. Packed to the brim with hair-raising synths, ear-worming beats and angelic vocals, the duo gives their fans a taste of what is to come in their sold-out Wembley Arena show on April 9th.

Rae Morris – “No Woman Is An Island”

Taking us to the seaside, Rae Morris reimagines a Disney classic soundscape in “No Woman Is An Island”. Making a powerful return from a minor hiatus, the new mum tackles the impossible standards of a modern day woman. Celebrating the multiple universes of a woman — Rae affirms that “No Woman Is An Island”, you just have to know how to align with her. With a mix of lush strings and sparse beats, the subtle symphony of Rae Morris’s single is enough to make the mind float to a better, less prejudiced place.

Doja Cat and Tyga – “Freaky Deaky”

The only thing that has pulled us through this week is the countdown for Doja Cat and Tyga’s collaboration, so naturally we had to close our Wonderlist with the drop of “Freaky Deaky”. Amidst a futuristic sexting scene, Doja’s hypnotic vocals blend into Tyga’s rhythm and flow as they come together in an act of seduction. As Doja swaps her ethereal aesthetic for a catsuit of latex and lace, she delivers a verse of punching bars — commanding Tyga to step up to her plate. Marking their second joint single, “Freaky Deaky” has given us all we need to live our best this weekend.