The artist teases the release of her upcoming album with a brand new single and music video.

Lizzy mcalpine
Lizzy mcalpine

If there was a fundamental flaw that existed in everyone, it would undoubtedly be the inability to let go of the past — something which Lizzy McAlpine finds herself fighting against in her brand new single “all my ghosts”. With the remnants of her past coming back to haunt her as ghosts, Lizzy McAlpine drowns them out with a sugar-sweet melody and gentle vocals — creating a cheerful symphony to keep her demons at bay. Serving as a teaser from her forthcoming album, Five Seconds Flat, the artist stated that she wants “To give my fans something different with each record, because I’m different with each record”.

While continuing to build a highly anticipated short film with her music videos, Lizzy makes a new entry with the release of “all my ghosts” — a music video that is almost a short film all of its own. Depicting a story of an early blossoming love, the visual is interspersed with imagery of the artists exes who subsequently haunt her new happy relationship. Despite the burgeoning past, Lizzy finally gives way to her hopeful future, fantisizing of a future wedding under a sparkly uptempo beat.

Before Five Seconds Flat drops on April 8th, the artist is expected to perform her new material live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And if that is still not enough to tickle your anticipation, we sat down with the artist to talk about her rising fame, her inspirations and her love-hate relationship with reaching social media stardom.

To stream the new track and for the full interview, scroll below…

Hi Lizzy, how are you today?
I’m good! Currently driving to Milwaukee on tour!

Let’s talk about your new single “all my ghosts”. What is the song about?
We all have that one relationship, usually the first one, that influences how we are in our next relationships. “all my ghosts” is about that, and trying to move past the emotional trauma accumulated from that relationship. It’s about wanting to finally be rid of the things that person left with you and be able to love this new person freely.

How would you describe the genre of your music to someone who’s never heard it before?
I think that my genre changes all the time. For example, my first album was very indie folk singer-songwriter. This next album is way more indie pop/rock/alternative.

What inspired you to create a visual narrative through “doomsday” followed by the now sequels of “erase me” and “all my ghosts”?
I’ve always loved storytelling and I’ve always been interested in screenwriting and making film. It’s a huge part of who I am and I am always looking for ways to incorporate those parts of me into my music.

You have been named a TikTok star by many! What was your reaction to seeing that your unreleased song “You ruined the 1975” went viral back in 2020?
I honestly really hate being called a Tiktok star hahahah. People assume that I gained notoriety only after I started posting on TikTok, but the truth is that I had been working towards this for a while before that. The assumption that TikTok started my entire career invalidates all of the work that I put in previously. The song going viral was just a stepping stone, and obviously it was cool, but that song is not the song that I want to define me as an artist which is why I’m never releasing it.

You have both a short film and a new album coming in April, what can we expect from the two?
From the film, you can expect a film. It’s not just music videos. I wrote scenes that we added in between the videos to connect the storyline and it is truly a film now. And from the album, you can expect new sounds. It’s definitely not the singer-songwriter approach that we took on the first album. I wanted to show people what I was capable of, and I think we’ve been successfully accomplishing that so far.

Becoming famous so quickly must have been exciting but scary! What challenges have you overcome since then?
I definitely wouldn’t consider myself famous lol and I also don’t think that it happened particularly quickly either. It’s been a slow but steady incline, and it’s been fun to watch it all happen. I’m basically watching my dreams come true in front of me. It’s obviously been hard to figure out how much of my life to share with my followers, but I’m getting the hang of it.

So far you’ve collaborated with artists such as FINNEAS and Jacob Collier, who do you hope to work with next?
I would love to work with Yebba, Sara Bareilles or Phoebe Bridgers.

Lizzy mcalpine
Lizzy mcalpine
Lizzy mcalpine
Lizzy mcalpine

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