The Coventry-based rapper talks mental health in the fiery music video for his new track.


If you find yourself battling through a tough week, as we all do from time to time, rapper Kanda is here to help. Dropping “IHGYN”, short for “I Have Got You Now”, the artist lends his commanding tone to a flow that is packed full of messaging on the importance of unity and transparency when it comes to men’s mental health issues. Looking to the infamously comforting words of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, the Coventry-based artist cleverly introduces a catchy verse, laying over sun-soaked production, which hopes to soothe those listeners currently seeking support.

“The lyrics offer many interpretations of what the song is about, but I had started to write this song targeting the issues surrounding mental health,” explains Kanda. “It is not easy to spot when someone is struggling from personal issues or battling their inner demons, but this song was created with the intent of metaphorically holding the hands of those who are struggling, saying that you are not alone. I’ve encountered many people in my life where it was visible to notice that their struggles were getting the better of them, so I wanted to speak out from the perspective of both a mentally-hurt person and an ominous spirit, guiding them to safety and a better life. The song enables people to relate, but might also encourage those that are struggling to speak out and turn to their loved ones for support.”

While the messaging of this track is enough to allow it to be considered a hit, that is not where its impressiveness ends, however. With Kanda also dropping the accompanying music video, in which he serenades the camera from within a room aglow with amber light and the fiery embers of a blaze providing a hint of dramatics, it becomes clear that the artist’s creativity knows no bounds.

Head below to listen to “IHGYN”…