The Indiana-based band continue to blend genres in their brand new single.

the main squeeze
the main squeeze

Though The Main Squeeze might be a relatively new name on your radar, the Indiana based band “Make It Right” with their disco-fevered single. Easing into a groove-heavy beat, The Main Squeeze demonstrates their ability to defy the boundaries of the genre, while the heavy base nudge the song into dance territory. Through the melodic snippets of saxophones, the band effortlessly glide on the sugared acoustics and land at a smooth ecstasy.

“Make It Right” is a slice of heart and soul from the band’s upcoming album, due for release March 11th. On the making of their music, The Main Squeeze explain, “This album was all written from 5-minute song ideas in a circle. ‘Make It Right’ came after a couple of drinks and some nostalgia talk.”

Having garnered an impressive following thanks to their unique brand of funk-tinged soul, the track promises to get listeners worldwide hooked onto their sound.

To listen for yourself, scroll below…